Vampires of Manhattan by Melissa de la Cruz

Vampires of Manhattan by Melissa De La CruzBook: Vampires of Manhattan by Melissa de la Cruz
Series: The New Blue Bloods Coven #1
Pages: 240
Publisher: Hyperion
Date Published: September 9th, 2014
Source: Library
Date Started: October 11th, 2014
Date Finished: October 12, 2014


The Vampires of Manhattan is “hipster horror”–the memorable characters from her Blue Bloods series are older and cooler than before, trying to build “Millennial” lives in the bustle of Manhattan while battling forces of evil and, of course, each other.

Hero of this sexy, paranormal action tale is Oliver Hazard-Perry, former human conduit, and Manhattan’s only human-turned-vampire, now the head of the Blue Bloods Coven. When his all-too-human lover is found murdered on the eve of the coven’s annual Four Hundred Ball–a celebration meant to usher in a new era in vampire society, and to mark the re-unification of the Coven after decades of unrest and decay–Oliver is devastated.

Now, not only is he trying to create a new world order for the immortal elite, he’s the prime suspect and is stalked by the newly installed head of the vampire secret police. Because according to the new rules, vampires who take human life can now be executed. Burned.

How can an immortal sentenced to die fight back? He has to find the killer–and the answers lie deep in vampire lore.


So I’ve always been a big fan of vampires. I love vampire movies and books. I started reading the Blue Bloods series when I was about 17 or so, and so I felt like I really grew up with the characters as the books came out one by one. I was saddened by the fact that one of my favorite series ended, but it was time that things were resolved. I had always wondered what happened to the characters after Lucifer was defeated, as sometimes you imagine what happens to any character after a series ends. When I found out Blue Bloods was getting a spin off series, I was ecstatic.

If you haven’t read Blue Bloods, I’ll give you a  little recap here. Blue Bloods are Manhattan’s elite secret society of Vampires. Except they are more than vampires. They’re fallen angels whose mortal forms are vampires. At the end of the Blue Blood series, the vampires fight in an epic battle, good versus evil. Theres a lot more to the story, and this is just a general recap of it. When Vampires of Manhattan picks up, 10 years have passed since the big war. Oliver, once a human servant to the blue bloods, has now taken his role as leader of the coven. Mimi Force, now Martin, is dealing with a troubled marriage that is literally located in Hell. We are also introduced to some new characters who had stakes in the war. These are events that take place after the coven has been rebuilt after once being in shambles. What would be a more perfect time to attack the Coven once more when they’re just about to celebrate their victory?

I know my description might be a bit vague, but I don’t want to give too much away in case you want to read the original Blue Bloods series. Many people have said that they were fine reading Vampires of Manhattan without reading the original series, but I feel like there was just waaaaay too much that happened in that series and that it is necessary to read the original series first. I felt like I already knew the characters before, so it felt natural to just pick up ten years later.

I love reading YA, you obviously know that. But this book is classified as an adult book, and I think justly so. Since I had grown up with these characters, I felt like I was able to relate to these characters on a “omg I’m getting older” stance. (My birthday is in a month, those thoughts are constantly in my mind!) These characters have matured, and you can really feel it. They’re no longer the characters that went to nightclubs, worried about school tests, or being the popular kids. They fought in a major war, and they’re just trying to live their lives the best they can after. There were also some steamy scenes in this book that weren’t the usual in the YA series, but its nothing too over the top.

As a sequel, I liked it a lot. However, this book felt really short, especially since the book was told from several points of view. I always felt like the Blue Blood books were always too short, and I always wanted more. The one advantage you have if you do decide to read the Blue Bloods series is that you can read the entire series and have the whole story at your finger tips. A lot of details from Blue Bloods have escaped me because I read the books so spread out, as each one was released year by year.
The Blue Blood vampires are complicated creatures, on top of living their elite, rich lives. If you like reading books about the upper elite of Manhattan or like reading about wars between good and evil, this may be the series for you. I’ve been a big fan for years, and Vampires of Manhattan didn’t let me down.

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