Unmarked by Kami Garcia

Unmarked by Kami GarciaBook: Unmarked by Kami Garcia
Series: The Legion #2
Pages: 384
Publisher: Little, Brown Books
Date Published: September 30th, 2014
Source: ARC
Date Started: October 1st, 2014
Date Finished: October 6th, 2014
Other Books Reviewed: Unbreakable


The heart-pounding sequel to the instant New York Times bestseller, Unbreakable, by New York Times bestselling Beautiful Creatures co-author Kami Garcia.

He is here… and he could be anyone.

Kennedy Waters lives in a world where vengeance spirits kill, ghosts keep secrets, and a demon walks among us–a demon she accidentally set free.

Now Kennedy and the other Legion members–Alara, Priest, Lukas, and Jared–have to hunt him down. As they learn more about the history of the Legion and the Illuminati, Kennedy realizes that the greatest mystery of all does not belong to any secret order, but to her own family. With the clock ticking and the life of someone she loves hanging in the balance, Kennedy has to ask the question she fears most: what is it about her past that has left her Unmarked?


*There are spoilers in this review because its a sequel and its unavoidable. Check out my review of Unbreakable first, and if you already have, read on my friends!

**I was given this ARC from Little, Brown books in exchange for an honest review. This did not sway my opinion in any way.

Happy October!! I thought I would start off the month right by reading a book about demons. Sounds fitting, right? I thought so anyways. I have been anticipating the release of the sequel to Unbreakable all year, and I finally got my hands on a copy.

When we left Unbreakable, Kennedy Waters and the members of Legion had released the demon Andras. They thought they were containing him, but they were wrong. Now they’re dealing with the consequences which include deaths everywhere, tragedies, crazy weather, and lots of abnormal activities. The question is, can they catch Adras? Their battle might reveal more about them than they can handle, and it might destroy the bond between them.

So for starters, lets start with what I thought about the story. I couldn’t remember what happened in Unbreakable to save my life. I think its because I read it so fast that everything became a blur after a while. As I started reading, things started coming back to me, and I realized I was just fine and didn’t need to know every detail of what happened. Unmarked was a much stronger sequel. There was so much mystery, I had no idea where the story was going- in a good way. There were twists and turns, and I just wanted to know more. There aren’t as many demon themed stories in YA as there are some other genres, and so I think its hard for the story to be predictable. Even the love story was unpredictable.

In Unbreakable, I also had some issues with the fact that there were unresolved issues with her family story. I was expecting these issues to be resolved in the sequel, and I was right. There was so much more involvement with Kennedy’s missing family. The issues were particularly resolved, but I was happy that they were at least acknowledged.

I had also had problems with the love story in Unbreakable. I had felt like I didn’t know who the guy, Jared, was and thus felt like their romance was really forced. It didn’t feel so forced this time. It felt more natural as though Jared and Kennedy were really meant to happen in a more natural form. I think this happened for me because their relationship is really tested to the limits, so you can see how deep their relationship actually is. There was much more character development as the trials of Andras really tested everyone.

I definitely liked Unmarked more than Unbreakable, which means that the series is on the right track. The story ended in a great cliffhanger which leaves you wanting more. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

If you’re a fan of Beautiful Creatures, looking for a good Halloween Read, or love reading about Demons, then this series may be for you!

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