These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Megan SpoonerBook: These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner

Series: Starbound #1
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Date Published: December 10th, 2013
Source: Purchased book
Date Started: February 9th, 2014
Date Finished: February 20th, 2014
Other Books Reviewed: This Shattered World


Luxury spaceliner Icarus suddenly plummets from hyperspace into the nearest planet. Lilac LaRoux and Tarver Merendsen survive — alone. Lilac is the daughter of the richest man in the universe. Tarver comes from nothing, a cynical war hero. Both journey across the eerie deserted terrain for help. Everything changes when they uncover the truth.

The Starbound Trilogy: Three worlds. Three love stories. One enemy.


What a beautiful story. For those who love science fiction, I definitely recommend this. It has space travel, space rifts, abandoned planets, conspiracies, reincarnation, love, hallucinations, reasons, science, anything your mind can fancy. I’ve been on a Dr Who kick lately, so this book was exactly up my alley.

These Broken Stars starts off on a grand space ship called the Icarus that has 50,000 passengers on it including the heiress to the LaRoux fortune, Lilac and a decorated war hero, Tarver Merendson. Lilac’s father designed the ship and has placed his most precious cargo on it, his daughter. However, the Icarus is ripped out of hyperspace, and Lilac and Tarver find themselves on an escape pod together. These two characters could not be any more different than they already are. The escape pods malfunctions, but Lilac miraculously finds a way to detach the escape pod from the ship. They land on an abandoned planet, where they discover that out of the 50,000 passengers, they are the only two to survive. Even through their constant bickering, Lilac and Tarver must survive together. There is something else that is going on the planet, something that keeps whispering to them. Together, they must solve the mystery of what it is if they want to get home.

So, let me start off on the cover of the book. The cover is GORGEOUS. I usually have a problem with girls with flowy dresses on the covers of books because they sometimes represent the book in false ways. It drives me nuts because I then realize that I chose a book solely for its cover, and that can be a big no no sometimes. Other times, you might get lucky and the writing matches the beauty of the cover. I believe I have gotten lucky this time around. Lilac’s dress on the cover is actually a dress she wears in the book, Tarver is dressed in his military uniform, and they are in a story about the wonders of space. Doesn’t get any more literal than that. I’ve read some other reviews where people had trouble with the cover, where they thought that the two main characters would be traveling among the stars in a romantic fashion. I’m actually glad this wasn’t the case. Which leads me to my next point.

I thought this book was going to be entirely a love story. I actually thought it would be like Titanic up in space. It kinda started off that way, with the girl from rich society who can’t be touched, the rough boy who shows her theres more to life, etc. But that didn’t last very long in this book. I believe this book was about survival more than anything. The chapters switch back and forth between the two character’s point of view. We learn about their individual weaknesses as they try to struggle with the fact that they are with a person that is completely different from them. But as they say, opposites do attract. There was a section towards the end of the book that was heartbreaking to read, but I don’t want to give any of those details here and ruin it for you. That is in no way an indicator about the ending, either. This book was a lot deeper, in a philosophical sense, than I thought it would be. It asked questions about the meaning of life, the quality of life, what our priorities should be, etc. When I sometimes read books that have these themes in it, I get overwhelmed. Only in fiction books though. I like asking these sort of questions and hypothesizing answers, but I feel that sometimes in fiction writing, the attempt to answer these questions can be overly cheesy. As if some of the biggest questions in life can be answered by some forced metaphor that is supposed to be beautiful and heartbreaking. When I read things like this, I could not roll my eyes any harder. I may have personal reasons for this, and thats okay. Thats what being a reader is. Taking your personal life and applying it to a book to get a meaning out of it. Something that makes sense to you, and you only. Maybe thats why I hate cheesy metaphors. Authors trying to force their meaning into my mind instead of letting me form a connection myself. ANYWAYS, off that tangent. These Broken Stars explores life and its meaning, but the authors did it in a way that felt natural. Sometimes when you watch a movie or tv show based around fantasy or science fiction, you can feel when the reality is starting to leave. As though the story is beyond our grasp. These Broken Stars made the story seem so natural and realistic, that I felt that the world the authors built was near possible. There were elements like ghosts and reincarnation, and I felt as though those were all acceptable forms of reality and possibility. I’d have to say this is due to the fantastic way that the authors built the setting of the world that Tarver and Lilac were on.

Now onto the story. I’m just going to mention two things here. I felt as though there were some unanswered questions. I never felt like I truly understood why the Icarus fell out of hyperspace. There was an explanation as to the exact cause, but I felt like there was a deeper reason, a real reason that had to do with the whispers on the planet. I also wish that I knew more about what happened outside of the planet, what news reports were saying about the Icarus, what Lilac’s father was doing about what had to be a devastating blow to his company, etc. I wanted a few more answers to the conspiracy that was building up in the story. I thought these answers would come in the next book, but looks like that won’t be happening!

The next book in the series, This Shattered World is due out November 11th, 2014 (The day after my birthday! wink hint wink πŸ˜‰ ) However, Lilac and Tarver are not the focus of the story. It instead focuses on two other characters in this world named Jubilee Chase and Flynn Cormac. Which is sad for me. I loved Lilac and Tarver together. They were great, and they weren’t afraid to push each other around. But they do deserve a happy end after everything they went through in These Broken Stars. I was hoping for more conspiracy concerning Lilac’s father, but thats just hopeful wishing on my part!

Anyways, even though I had a few unanswered questions, I’m still going to give this book a 5/5. I just really liked it!


  1. Oh this sounds interesting! I’ll admit, I wasn’t really keen to read this because it combines two things I don’t like to venture into much. One, a premise that seems to advertise a Titanic like love story , and two, space adventures. Point One, I can get over because the story is usually much stronger. But point two, I need lots of convincing lol, because space scares me (even though I loved Beth Revis’ Across the Universe Trilogy and well, Star Wars lol). Oh yes, and I don’t like ships that sink lol. But I like your review, it makes me want to read These Broken Stars despite point one and two. I’m interested!

    • It seemed like it to me too that it would be Titanic is space, but I promise you that last for like two chapters at the most. The rest of the book is set on the planet. Lol and thats understandable. The planet was a lot like earth in my opinion, and so it gave that feeling of familiarity, which I think takes away a lot of the unknown fear behind it. It felt very natural, and I think you’ll like it. It reminded me of Graceling a lot, actually. In the sense of two people surviving in the woods, discovering a conspiracy, etc. Now that I think of it, they’re a lot alike, lol. I definitely recommend it. It was completely different than what I thought it would be. If we lived closer, Id let you borrow it, lol.

      • Oh, it’s awesome that only lasts two chapters, I’m always a bit suspicious of premises like these, because their designed to catch reader’s attentions, so they’re really focussed on the main genre to advertise it better and so on…that’s why your review is great, totally gives me more info!
        Lol, if it’s like Graceling, then I reckon I might really enjoy reading it on the whole. Though, I’m going to keep my expectations at a reasonable level until I read it. I don’t think I’ve read many stories set on another planet except a garth nix novel and Beth Revis’ Shades of the Earth, both of which were pretty good.

        Lolol, haha, it would be awesome if we lived closer ! I reckon I’d be in and out of your bookshelf all the time lolol! And of course you’d be welcome to mine, though my bookshelf is still really small….lol!

        • I think its the same way that the Selection was, where it was set up as a “The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor” -only somewhat true , and not for very long. I think they’re just trying to appeal to a large audience by tying the book to something thats well known, like Titanic. But I’m glad my review helped! Everything I read on the internet about the book that didn’t have massive spoilers in it gave me a different impression than what I actually got, so I tried to explain it more in depth without giving anything away. Looks like I succeeded! And I’m glad you’ll keep your expectations at a reasonable level. I don’t want to hype it up so much for you that it turns out to be a disappointment. I hate it when that happens.

          Lol. It would also probably include trips to the library, book store, coffee or tea, haha.

          • Lol, yes, the selection was exactly as it was advertised except without the hunger games bit…or at least I didn’t really get a ‘hunger games’ feeling.

            They do try to appeal to a larger audience. Take The VA and Bloodlines novels, their premises totally suck. I hate them because it makes the story sound so cliched and totally doesn’t capture the entire story or action.

            Your review did help. It covers a lot about the book from a different angle, and it’s refreshing. Lol, yeah, I have learned to be on a reasonable level, I have again learnt not to be too expectant. My boyfriend said Gran Torino was the best movie he’d seen in the last ten years, and since I hadn’t seen it, I was expecting it to be brilliant. Turns out the plot twist was the best part (except, I had already guessed it halfway through…it was kind of obvious). I liked the movie, but in the end, I was a little bit disappointed even though it was a reasonably good movie overall, with lots of good points.

            Oh yes! All of the above! And lunch. πŸ˜€

          • I think when it came to the Selection, they pulled the Hunger Games as the go-to title for dystopia. I would have picked a different book to fill that slot, but thats just me. I probably would have picked a book that isn’t as popular as The Hunger Games.

            I still want to see the VA movie. I need to read the book asap, because there are less and less theaters near me that are showing it.

            I think I watched Gran Torino, but I do not remember anything, haha. I’ve always learned to be skeptical when my friends say that this is the best so-and so. Its not that I don’t trust their opinions or tastes, I just don’t want to be let down!

            I think a book and coffee would have been nice today. It was so nice and sunny yesterday, and today it was freezing! I live in a bi-polar area.

          • Lol, true. Because the Hunger Games got big, it’s no surprise there. Though I don’t know if there are many reality tv styled dystopias out there. Actually I once read this book called ‘Girl in the Arena’, dystopia and also kind of reality tv. And well, to be honest, until I read a review complaining about how it was a crappier version of The Hunger Games, I didn’t notice. I also didn’t notice the comparison on the book cover which compared it to the Hunger Games and fight Club. So, I was able to enjoy it a lot more. Even if others didn’t. But yeah, I think they do bring on something popular and familiar so that you have something to compare it to. And then, it’s up to you when you read it. I think I’ve gotten to the stage where I just ignore the whole “this is a book for fans of so and so”.

            Omg lol, then you should get onto it :P. It hasn’t come out here yet, until next week…omg when I start uni again :O. Lol I really want to see it! Even if some don’t like it, I want to see it!

            Haha, it wasn’t a bad or boring movie, it had merits, but it wasn’t mindblowing. Plus it came out years ago so I’m not surprised you don’t remember it! Lol. And yes, I totally agree. I don’t like feeling let down either (when it’s totally not their fault)

            Omg Never Fade finally came from the library!!!

            And that totally sounds good. Yesterday there were these great big angry and grey clouds hanging in the sky all morning – it was kind of depressing, but then it brightened in the afternoon, and today it’s sunny and not hot, good weather. Lolol sure sounds like you’re living in bi-polar weather! It’s about to go bi-polar here too, autumn is rolling in. I think I’m going to start walking around in shorts and a sweater to keep warm and cool at the same time. Crazyyy weather!

          • I have to agree that I’ve started to ignore the book comparisons. I even ignore the blurbs from magazines that sometimes appear on the front or back of books. I just sometimes feel that those blurbs are taken out of context way too many times, that I become skeptical of them.

            Baaah I want to read VA so bad, but all the books that I was on a waitlist for at the library decided to all show up this week. My library books take priority, and VA takes the backseat because I own a copy. I even went to the used bookstore last week and found a copy of #2 in the VA series, hoping it would motivate me to get a start on them. So much for that, lol.

            eeep! You have to tell me what you think about never fade, even if we have to do a private message on goodreads on something, lol.

            Lol, it blows my mind when I think about other parts of the world and weather. Your autumn is rolling in, and my spring is coming in. Except where I live, winter kinda stays put until summer kicks in with the really hot weather. Spring doesn’t really happen here. It was warm today, and I wore a big winter coat, lol. I completely regretted it. but its supposed to snow tomorrow. Sigh.

          • Omg, yes, way too many times, and definitely don’t help with what the story is actually about!

            Alas the library books take priority, oh well!! Lol haha I totally know that feeling. Oh well, you should just come to australia to watch it πŸ˜› .

            Lolol I will :))). I have a couple of books to get through first, but when I get to Never Fade, I will let you know (again :P) ! I’m getting impatient to get through all the other LTBR books because well, Never Fade is sitting there looking all shiny and begging for me to read it lol.

            It IS totally mindblowing. After I wrote my message to you, I remembered you were in winter which is hard to compare with the cooler weather we’ve been getting here. I mean we still get reports that a large part of the US are still freezing and covered in snow lol. Lol, sounds like me, I wore leggings and long sleeves today and it was definitely much too warm! That jacket you wore today will definitely be useful for tomorrow! πŸ˜›

          • Lol I wish I could come to Australia. I’ve never been before! Maybe when I make a trip to the Philippines I’ll make a little pit stop on the way πŸ™‚ I decided that I’m gonna have to wait for VA to come out on DVD. I don’t think I’ll be able to read it in time before the movie leaves theaters.

            I’m anxiously waiting the release of the third darkest minds novel. I don’t think it will be out until December. Which is a very long time away.

            As I’m writing this, there is another snow storm coming in. I’m covered in huge blankets watching dr who haha. This whole polar vortex thing is driving me nuts. It’s just so cold! As for the snow part, since I live near the mountains, snow is so common around me that it doesn’t really phase me. There are other parts of the states that will completely shut down because they don’t have the resources to deal with a little dusting of snow haha. It’ll take several feet in my area before the state shuts down!

          • Lol, if you do come, I’ll give you a tour! (well of my city anyway… :P) Fair enough, it might suck to watch the movie before the book, because the book generally is much better. I’m really excited to see it! And for once, I’m kinda glad it comes out later here than it does in the US (Though, it is TOTALLY weird that Australian movies come out overseas wayyyyy earlier than they do in Australia even though they’re Australian lol!)

            Oh lol, I think when I finish it I will be anxiously waiting as well. From the sounds of it, the ending of Never Fade leaves you hanging again like the first ? I’m trying to finish this book I’m reading, but the protagonist is a bit of an annoying whine and the plot is not that great.

            Sounds like the best wway to spend a snowstorm. Blankets and Dr Who (y). Wow weather is sure whacky. But at least you’re all prepared for snow (unlike the other parts of the US that always pop up on our news) and it totally sucks that the weather keeps changing. Hopefully it’ll jump right into summer soon. It was cold this morning here, I wore boots. Then it warmed up and I wanted to take off my boots but I couldn’t becuase I was out, and then it got cold again – by then though I’d gotten home and changed into cooler clothes. So annoying and utterly typical! -.- lol!!!

          • Lol yeah, I think its weird when America gets movies in advance. Then again, people are really impatient about movies over here. Like people were upset they had to wait a year for the next hunger games. I’m more in the boat of people who think, if you need more time to make a better movie, then go ahead and do it.

            Never Fade definitely left me hanging. So much happened in Never Fade, so much conspiracy lol. The beginning of the book felt really dark. But I think I enjoyed it just as much as the darkest minds.

            Lol, we weren’t supposed to get snow till tomorrow, and then an unexpected snow storm showed up. We also had a giant car accident that involved 30 cars on the highway, and someone ended up dying. The roads were so icy! I feel like sometimes I need to bring a change of clothes with me when I go out. I need a summer outfit, a winter outfit, just all for one day. haha.

          • Bahhhh impatient Americans! Lol, I figure, isn’t it expected that the next movie comes out a year later? Haha, and yeah, I’d rather they take their time making a good movie than rushing it. It’s just better!

            Omg, I really want to read it! I’m down to one more book to go before I read Never Fade! So blooddy excited to read it and also soooo scared it won’t reach my expectations. But somehow, I think it will. Alexandra Bracken usually does smash my expectations through the roof!

            Yikes, snow sounds dangerous – and black ice even worse! I’d hate to be driving on that. Oh wait, I don’t have my full license yet. Okay, I’d hate to practice driving on that. We just have slippery and wet roads here, not as dangerous but still pretty scary. Omg, yes, so do I. Someone should invent the summer-winter style!

          • Haha thats what I say. Probably why illegal downloading is so rampant over here. It is expected that it comes out a year later, but at the end of watching the movie, I always hear people around me saying “ugggghhhh we have to wait a whole year for the sequel??”

            I had to go reread my review of Neverfade, because I remember there was something that threw me off, and it was because there was sooo much that happened. lol. Bracken keeps posting about her writing the next book, and its like a bad tease, ugh. She posted something about the theme of the next book being guilt. That one had me at “COME ONNNNNN” Damn Americans being impatient, eh? hahaha.

            Funny, they don’t teach you how to drive in snow over here. Which they should. I had to take a driving class and they made me put on these goggles that simulate being drunk, and we had to push each other in carts, but we all kept falling over haha.

            Anywhoooo, on the topic of winter/spring- I felt strange today. It was cold but I went shopping for spring stuff, haha.

          • Lol it’s pretty rampant down here lol, everyone just wants to get their hands on the movie asap. Lol, I’m totally one of those people who whines about the next movie, but after whining, I suck it up. Big girl pants and all lol.

            Omg, damn impatient americans lol I’m not surprised though, what a tease! Ugh, I’m totally dying to read the Never Fade right now, but I’m not quite up to it yet :(((. But nearly there!

            Funnyy!! Haha, that sounds awesome, I wish we had that simulation here as well, it would be good practice! But it’s nothing but straight practice here. Boring lol. Geezzz you’d think they’d teach you how to drive in snow when you’re surrounded by it? lol.

            Lol how strange!! I always feel weird when buying clothes out of season. Especially when it’s cold outside and warm in the store, but yet you’re wearing tonnes and tonnes of layers of jumpers and you really can’t be bothered changing to try on clothes lol. But hey, it must have been fun getting ready for summer!! I know I was excited when the belated summer came around at last here! lol

          • Lol. I’ve been getting impatient. Catching Fire comes out on dvd this week, and I really wanna watch it haha. Our dvds and such usually come out on tuesdays, but for some reason catching fire is coming out on friday. I don’t know if its 3 days late or its 4 days early, lol.

            I have no idea what to read now! I have so many books to read, but none of them are really calling out to me.

            Omg yes I had that problem the other day. I went to go buy pants, but it took me forever to get started trying them on because I was wearing so many layers, lol.

          • Lol no kidding! I’m surprised that there are set days over there. Though now that I think about it, it might have a set date over here too. I don’t think catching fire is out yet. Or maybe it is. I haven’t had a chance to check.

            Lol close your eyes and do eeny-meeny-minie-mo lol. Pick one randomly?

            Haha, as much as I love preparing for summer, it’s such a drag to do it during cold weather. Omg it’s hot today, and it’s supposed to thunderstorm later…don’t know what to wear! Lol. Damn weather. And here I thought it was finally turning cold…

          • Lol, theres countdowns everywhere for it. theres all kinds of crazy stuff posted everywhere about going to stores at midnight to get a copy. Its crazy!

            I did, lol, and then I finished it in less than a day haha. Good thing theres a sequel!

            I’m having weather problems today too! Its nice and warm outside, but its supposed to snow tonight. Its starting to look gloomy outside. But theres also a huge fire a couple blocks from my place, so I don’t know if its the fire smoke or a storm coming in.

          • Omg lol, sounds fanatical lolol. Okay, so that is seriously like wayyyyy more obsessive than down here haha. But that’s so cool though, becuase you know you’re not going to miss when it comes out! We only get countdowns here for things that aren’t even australian except well, the sports side of things lol.

            What book did you end up reading? I’m trying so hard to get to Never Fade, but now that school has started again (and I don’t know how I got swamped within the first two days even though I haven’t had a class yet…) my supervisor’s got me a stack of readings to get through T.T .

            Lol, haha, I think you had more serious wearther problems than me lol. I ended up wearing shorts yesterday even though I’d prefer not to wear shorts to uni, but then when I got there and realised I was going to end up trekking all over campus under the son with my boyfriend, I was really, really glad I wore shorts. But man, I think my face tanned too much over the last few days. It’s ridiculous, our summer (technically ending on the last day of feb lol) was freezing. The first day of march and the days following…warm to hot and today, welllllllll it’s freaking gloomy!!!! Why is weather this crazy??? There is probably a very reasonable explanation lol

          • Lol it is. Things fly off the shelves like crazy here too. Like I was trying to buy Thor on dvd and I had to go to like 4/5 different stores trying to find a copy, AFTER my boyfriend had searched several stores already. We ended up just buying it on bluray because we were tired of searching lol.

            I ended up reading If I Stay by gayle forman, and already finished it this morning. I’m reading the sequel now, and I feel like I’m gonna finish that soon, too. I think I might read the sequel to pivot point next or maybe an ARC. I really haven’t decided yet. I have about 25 ARCs I need to get through, haha. But some of them don’t even get published until august and the publishers don’t want anything reviewed until a month before the publish date at the earliest, so I just hold off on those. As for Never Fade, you’d definitely want to set aside a big chunk of time for it. I read it in a couple of sessions that were 3 or so each. Good luck with school!!

            Oh man you’re making me miss the warm sun so much right now. Lol, we can probably chalk it up to global warming or something. I heard a crazy news story last night that if the earth keeps warming up, a bunch of deadly diseases that we thought were extinct are going to make its way back. It was crazy because I had a dream the other night that the apocalypse was brought on by a deadly disease. Once the news story and my dream clicked, I was like I HAVE BROUGHT ON THE APOCALYPSE! haha not really, well maybe just a little haha.

          • Omg crazy!!! That’s ridiculous! I don’t know if it’s ever been that bad down here, though yes, when anything apple related opens up the entire country goes crazy, but dvd’s and stuff….I think people have already gotten a copy illegally, probably! Lol. I loved Thor! And Thor 2. And omg, you went to so many stores lol, I would have given up after the first maybe?

            I’ve read If I Stay, loved it! And I loved the sequel too! I think I liked the first more than the sequel because I hadn’t expected the sequel, but I still liked the sequel. It fleshes out Adam’s character as well, when you only see it from Mia’s perspective in the first book.

            Oh wow, you have plenty to keep you busy lol! I’ve had to stem the tide of books I’ve got on hold at the library because I can already tell I’ll be busy…..and I’m not even working yet -.- so I definitely feel those who juggle everything I do plus working, like my friend, she’s gonna be flat out this semester! Thanks!!! I’m nervous about it and excited to finally write about what I’d like to write about!!! (And I think I’ll keep a big chunk of time or even walk around with my head in Never Fade so I can read it in one go lol)

            Haha omg lol! It feels like there’s an apocalypse coming, all this crazy weather that can be attributed to Global warming, which is probably actually happening way worse than what the government is spouting because you know the conspiracy and all, and yet we’re little ants wandering around until some giant foot squashes us lol. Hey at least you get crazy news stories about the earth and deadly diseases, we get those too, but we hear about what’s happening halfway around the world rather than the craziness at here lol. They just keep saying our summers will get hotter every year, hotter and hotter, but they don’t say why. I suppose it’s just natural that we know the reason why? And with winter coming I have to get another flu shot…eghhh. Lol we’ll be trading seasons soon, at some point over there is going to be boiling hot, and over here, it’ll be wet, and cold. Just wet and cold, and lots of layers of clothing…

          • They track movie downloading over here like crazy. You get a couple warnings from your internet provider before you get turned over to the police.

            I liked Just One Year better! If I stay was good, I really liked it, but I couldn’t help but compare it to the other novels of hers that I’ve already read. I’m really excited for the movie though, it looks really good.

            I’m proud to say I only have six books checked out! Haha. Better than my 11 or 12 that I usually have. I always feel bad when I have that many because I feel like someone else could be reading them.

            From what I’ve learned at my paleontology job, the warming of the earth is natural, just like the ice age was. People just freak out about it because of human involvement in it. I’m pretty sure Australia used to be underwater, and where I live used to be a swampy bog. I hear all these crazy science findings through my work, haha. For example, last year I heard about some dinosaur bones that were found. And then a year later, its barely released to the regular news and some of my friends got really excited about it. I was like, really? This is really old news lol.

          • Omg that’s like really serious, I guess that’s why everyone buys it like crazy over there. I usually wait either until I come across it in store, or I find it in the library to watch the movie if I haven’t already seen it in the cinemas/want to watch it again. Down here pirating is pretty serious too, but it’s probably not at the extent that it is in the US.

            I’ve yet to read Just One Year. I’ve only read the If I Stay books by Forman because well…I guess I hadn’t gotten around to the others? But if you say Just one year is better than If I Stay, then I guess I should definitely read it, because I did read If I stay ages ago, and I did like it heaps. There’s a movie coming out? No way, that’s awesome!

            Congrats lol. Yeah, I’ve only got four at the mo, in comparison the piles and piles over the last two months! Haha, me too. But then I think, wait, I haven’t read them yet lol plus I end up shooting through them so quickly that they;re returne before someone somewhere might possibly whine, why’s it taking so long??? lol

            Lol, that’s pretty awesome. And yeah, Australia was some submerged bit of land that no one was interested in lol. People just love freaking out and it’s quite funny to muse about sometimes lol, especially when you think about it logically. Omg lol, haha, that’s hilarious! Guess that’s a bonus of being at your job! You definitely see things way, way earlier han anyone else!!!

          • That makes sense. When I went back to the Philippines, you could buy pirated dvds for super cheap and we would bring them back to the states with us. We never got caught, and I guess they never really cared. But that was a while ago. I don’t think I would try that now. People get caught in movie theaters with video cameras and get thrown out all the time. They’re just real sticklers about it over here I guess!

            I liked Just one day and just one year because the main girl went and traveled, just did things her own way. Ive been contemplating going overseas to get a masters degree, and I think thats why I liked just one day more. It was just the whole getting up and traveling thing. And macaroons. those damn macaroons lol. The movie has Chole Grace Moretz, if you know who that is. I’ll find the still and show you. It looks pretty cool. its supposed to come out this summer in august, which isn’t too far off.

            I read through mine pretty quickly and return them fast because the library is close to my house. It drives me nuts when theres a book I want to check out but I can’t because someone hasn’t returned it back in time. I always renew my books or get them back in time if I know I won’t be able to read them and I’m okay with parting with them. I just hate being an inconvenience I guess!

            It is funny. Owell, if the Viking calendar is true, we might not even make it past this year!

          • I think it’s actually quite good that they’re strict and uptight about it. I mean this way everyone earns a bit. And generally pirated versions aren’t great quality anyway!

            Oh that’s cool, sounds a bit like 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson (though it also sounds vastly different, I’m just inferring the travelling part lol). Lol macaroons? Are there many macaroons in the story? πŸ˜› It would be nice to do Masters overseas, because of the travel experience! And yeah, I’ve heard of the name before, because I heard she’d auditioned for roles of characters in movies I like, but right at this moment I can’t picture here face lol. Link me a trailer or something?

            Lol, I know!! I’ve been on hold for this particularly book ages and apparently someone hasn’t returned it in like 6 months!!! But finally, finally it came in the other day, and I was about to complain!! Lol. Yeah, I know what you mean! I feel like that sometimes too, but the turnover is pretty quick among all the copies available, particularly if it’s a popular book, then I’m not as worried as I would be if it was a not so popular book with only a few copies available.

            Oh lol, don’t tell me another apocalyptic warning?? Will they make a movie out of this too? :PP

          • Lol yes theres macaroons all over the story. In the book, she works for a restaurant, and the owner helps the girl save up for her trip to france. So the restaurant owner makes her some macaroons, and makes the girl promise that she’ll go to a different bakery everyday and get a macaroon. So after reading the book, I was on a mission to find a macaroon because I’d never had one before. I found out this bakery that I love makes them, but everytime I went, they were sold out! So me and my best friend went early in the morning and both had our first macaroon lol.

   Thats her on the set of If I Stay, which she pretty much looks like that all the time anyways, haha.

   This is the scene when she dressed up for the Halloween show adam was playing at.

            I wish there was a trailer, but I have yet to see one πŸ™

            Really? My library doesn’t have daily book fines, but if the book is 30 days late, they automatically charge you for the book whether you return it or not. So after 30 days, of waiting, you’re either s.o.l. or have to wait for them to buy another copy. I’m currently on the waiting list for The One, when it comes out in may, and I’m currently number 14. There are about 30 people on the waiting list!

            Haha i’m not sure if they’ll make a Viking movie. Theres currently a show about Vikings with the history channel, but I don’t think theres any mention of the apocalypse.

          • Lol awesome! I love those kinds of moments where you get enthusiastic over something that’s mentioned over and over in a book, so much that you go out and try it. So thumbs up! πŸ˜€

            Fufu Chloe Grace Moretz has cheeks that make me want to pinch them! But yeah, she looks familiar. And oohh how cool! Lol, she looks so much more mature there haha. Aww, it might be a bit early lol. I didn’t even know there was a movie coming out! Lol!

            Yeah, maybe whoever had that book on hold probably received a fine, but still it took ages for it to get to me. I guess I’m just glad that I finally get it! Lol, I should probably get on that list, actually I might just do that now lol since you’re number 14 at your library and there are approximately 30ppl which is a clear indication that people like the series enough that I might be waiting a while too if I don’t put it on hold soon haha.

            Lol, it might be soon for another apocalypse movie after 2012 lol. πŸ˜›

          • Haha well I get these crazy cravings sometimes, and people will ask me if I’m pregnant or something, and I’m like no! I just really want a macaroon right now.

            I think what I’m most excited about is seeing how they’ll do Adam’s music in Shooting Star. I hope they actually write music for the movie instead of just getting some random singer to put down his tracks and adam is lipsyncing, lol. I mean I know the lyrics weren’t there really as much as they were in Where She Went, but it’d still be cool to hear it. I always wondered what his music sounded like. It’ll be also interesting to see how they do the flashbacks to her memories, and that ghostly being that she is.

            I think that many people might not see it, at least any one I know. I feel like I’m the only one whose read If I stay or heard of Gayle Forman.

            I didn’t think to check to see if my library was getting The One in ebook. Maybe that line is shorter. I think number 14 might be a little too long of a wait for me. Each person gets 3 weeks with the book, and then there are only 4 copies. And thats only if people return them on time. I think the ebook is relatively cheap, so I might end up just buying it if I get too impatient, haha.

            I can see the previews now. “You thought the apocalypse was coming Dec 2012… You thought it was coming March 2013… But you were wrong. An apocalypse coming to a theater near you, THE FINAL ONE (or is it?)” haha.

          • Omg, lol, cravings are the best!! Once I had a craving for macarons (the biscuit) because it was on all the cooking shows. Plus one of my besties posted her batch of macarons on fb, so I was like, I want some!!

            And yeah, I think it’ll be awesome. Well, I guess with the sequel available (and if they’re not lazy) then hopefully they will, because it will definitely be awesome hearing his music. And I’m always interested in their interpretations! I think it would be interesting to see how they do the flashbacks. Actually now that I’m thnking about it alot, I’m definitely interested in seeing how it comes about lol.

            Lol, yeah, I feel like that with many of the books I read haha. But that’s only becasue most of the people I know don’t read as much as I do. But if they make the trailer interesting, I’m sure it’ll generate some interest. It has potential lol. Like the Lovely Bones.

            Lol bahhhh impatient Americans! πŸ˜› but yeah, if it does get too hard to wait, then just go buy the ebook lol.

            OMG LOL. Totallyy true!!

          • Haha I figure that if I do have kids someday, that I’m going to have absolutely no cravings whatsoever.

            To be honest, I thought they might have included the sequel in the movie. I mean, most movies are two hours these days. I’m sure they could have fit it in, but I don’t think it would do the first book justice if they rushed through it. From what I’ve seen, it seems like they’re sticking to the book pretty well. I mean, I didn’t think the Halloween scene was that big of a part in the book, but it was still in the movie. So maybe they’ll stick to the book pretty closely. People get real nitpicky these days anyways.

            I was thinking today that If I stay was like the lovely bones, minus the bit where shes dead. I wasn’t a big fan of the lovely bones. I read it when I was like 14 or so, and my english teacher kept giving me popular books to read on the side (I know, extra reading, I’m crazy) and I kept hating one after another.

            I checked to see if they had it on ebook, and they didn’t πŸ™ Which was weird to me because they have the other two books and even the two short novellas. I couldn’t even request it to be purchased by the library. Maybe as the date grows closer they will.

            I have this thing where I think I should write TV shows. I’m always correctly guessing the outcomes, especially in crime dramas haha.

          • Omg Lol, yeah, you’ll probably run out way before then!!! Hahaha.

            I hope they do, details are important if everything is put together well lol. and I think if they included the sequel, it might be a bit too much for the movie lol.

            You know, to be honest, I never finished reading the Lovely Bones, even though it was a recommendation from a friend. I wanted to, I really did, but at the time, I didn’t have the compulson to finish every book I did. I pretty much read what I liked and dropped what I didn’t. I actually prefered Gabrielle Zevin’s Elsewhere more (probably because I read it first) and just didn’t feel like finishing the Lovely Bones. (And no, I totally don’t think you’re crazy for taking on extra readings on the side even if they were popular. Because in year 8, we only had to read Tomorrow When The War Began, but I ended up borrowing the rest of the series and read them all. My English teacher noticed lol. But I loved the series. The second…not so much.

            Aw no…that totally sucks! Maybe it’s too early for the ebook to come out???

            Lololl, I think that’s a good sign haha. I do that with movies lol. But the funny thing was, the other day I was watching one of the Poirot (Agatha Christie) episodes and just on a hunch, I said out loud what I thought might happen. I said it so casually, that it wasn’t until near the end, when Poirot solved the mystery (after the second major twist, and it turned out I was right! I laughed, but I hadn’t exactly been serious lolol. But yeah, I always guess movies plots. Might be because I watch and read a lot. Lol, like you! Haha

          • I used to have this bad habit that if I didn’t like a book, I would put it down and not pick another one back up. Its like I felt bad for not finishing it or something. I haven’t put a book down in a long time. Even if its bad, I’ve been just finishing the whole thing because I feel like it won’t take me that long.

            I’ve never read the series that you’re talking about. I blame my same english teacher for hooking me into twilight when I was 17 haha.

            And I think it might be. At least for the library. Amazon already has it up for preorder. It doesn’t make sense for the library not to have a preorder though. They had Lauren Oliver’s Panic pretty early on. Maybe its a publisher thing or something.

            Haha I was consciously thinking about predicting endings while I was watching television, and I didn’t do it once! Then again, the show I was watching wasn’t like a crime drama or anything so it was hard to predict.

          • Lol, I totally know what you mean! I just can’t say I didn’t finish that book anymore. I just have to finish it otherwise I definitely would feel bad (and that I absolutely don’t have a right to comment on the book at all!)

            Lol Tomorrow When The War Began was a pretty interesting series, for an Australian series. It didn’t and did feel Australian all in one. If you ever feel like reading a war book I’ll suggest this series lol. Haha, my friend had the Twilight series, so I borrowed the off her to read.

            Maybe it is a publisher thing, but that’s really weird!!

            Lolol, was it a drama? And yeah, usually if I’m consciously thinking about it, I can’t read the ending, but then, sometimes, I say it on intuition and then laugh later that I got it right (I feel sorry about my friends sometimes when they come and watch movies with me – though when it comes to the boyfriend Im sometimes a little too infuriatingly smug about it lol).

          • I think I only put one book down that was on my blog, but I always categorize books like as to be picked up again later just so I don’t feel like I failed the book!

            I love war books, haha. I studied mostly war history when I was getting my undergraduate. For some reason I love gory history movies like 300. (even though that was exaggerated by a whole lot, lol) The book you mention reminds me of a book that I read in my first year of high school. You’ve convinced me that I want a copy of that book now, haha.

            and no, it was a gory spartan tv show, haha. (See I love gory history once again) lol, I never predict stuff like that to my friends. Just my boyfriend. Once I get a prediction, I’ll just yell out “____ did it!” and that’ll be that haha.

          • Lol, I don’t have any that’s on my blog, but on goodreads, there’s a few that I haven’t finished, though I think only one is actually categorised as ‘did not finish’ and the rest are still on the ‘currently reading’ shelf lol. I do, really intend to finish them soon!

            Lol Haha, well if you ever do read it, totally let me know! Actually, the first book was made into a movie (a movie which also happened to be released overseas first – not sure if it was the US first – before it was released here in Aus where it’d been made -.- ), and some didn’t like the movie, I’ve yet to watch it lol, every time I sit down to watch it, something comes up and yeah…well I do plan to watch it soon though!

            I’ve watched large portions of 300 and yes, it is indeed very gory, but hey, gory is gory, makes it somewhat interesting lol. And omg lol, in highschool whenever it came to history, it was almost as if we were always talking about war, but well, considering the years humans have existed…I’m not surprised there’s so many wars going on!

            Oh lol, you guys have gory spartan shows? Haha. Yeah, that time with my friend (it was just once I think, I think the other time I managed to shut my mouth lol) I said it out loud, and it happened towards the end — it was Fast & Furious six, and warning I’m just going to spoil it (and if you haven’t watched it and are interested in watching it without spoiler then don’t read the next part lol! Scroll down for where I’ll end the poiler lolol) — just before one of the main characters sacrifices herself, I’d said to my friend “If so and so dies, I don’t want to watch fast & Furious seven because they’re one of my favourite couples” and then, it happened.

            End of Spoiler!

            And while mostly the movies are predictable, it was still a bit shocking, because it happened as I’d figured. Wellllll! I still plan to watch F&F 7 so I can at last see how it joins up with F&F Tokyo Drift (btw, I’m a massive F&F fan lol!)

          • I have like a “to pick up again” category that gently reminds me that I didn’t finish and that I probably should. Haha so the recommendations for that shelf are ridiculous. All the books they recommend are based off of one zombie book haha.

            I don’t think I’ve heard about the movie either. You have me intrigued now! I might have to read it and follow up with a movie.

            Funny, I just watched the sequel to 300 the other day. Of course I loved it, haha. The ancient wars are the best to study for me. I loved reading the Illiad and other ancient books like that when most people hated it.

            And we do! Actually, the Show is Spartacus, and its from the same people that made 300, so it has the same slow motion gory style. I think it was filmed in New Zealand or something like that? Hahaha funny, I’m obsessed with the Fast and The Furious movies too. I have no idea why, and I can’t explain it. Well, maybe, my father was a race car driver and I’ve always liked watching car racing and fast cars, even thought I think the movies have been moving away from that. I think I’m more interested in how they play off Paul Walker’s death. I was watching tokyo drift a while ago, and it made me laugh that it was set in the future because the technology like the phones are so outdated now.

          • Lol haha, yeah my currently reading novels are like that (the ones I haven’t finished…I get plenty of recs I’m not planning to read yet since they’re mostly lit books lol).

            I hope you like it!!

            I keep seeing the preview for it, and at first I was a bit confused, I didn’t realise it was the sequel. That also happened for when Anchorman came out lol. I didn’t realise it was Anchorman 2. I don’t mind reading the ancient books, but it takes me a while, the language is always tripping me up because it just seems so dense lol.

            Lol seems like a lot of things are filmed in NZ. Well there’s nice landscape there! πŸ˜›
            Omg it’s the racing, the drama, the predictability, the relationships, everything? It’s just awesome! I LOVE F&F hehe. And that’s sooo cool, your father was a racecar driver??Awesome!! Yeah, the movies are moving towards a heist angle, but I just hope they keep some racing aspect in it, because that’s what got me into it in the first place, because I just love the idea of fast cars and whatnot even though I have no like hands on experience lol :P.
            Me too, it was really sad that he passed away, but I’m definitely interested in how they rewrite the script. I hope they go for a him retiring angle rather than killing off his character. And yeah, lol, the idea made me laugh too haha.

          • My dad loooved racing. My mom made him quit when I was young because she said it was too dangerous (typical mother) But he took me all the time to see car races. They had this really cool race where the track was in the shape of a figure 8, and they would have these cars called trains- They were three cars attached to each other- the front would have the engine, the back car would have the brakes, and the middle car would have absolutely nothing. It required at least two drivers. They always used beat up old cars and painted them funky colors and decorated them because they were meant for crashing lol.

            I actually read an article from the makers of the movie that they are going to retire his character. They said it wouldn’t be fair to paul walker to kill off his character since he did die in a car crash. I think I like that idea better.

          • Lol sounds like a typical mother haha. Omg, that sounds awesome!! I wish I could see that! Actually, I might look it up lol. And yeah, it would be a bit cruel to have him killed off in the movie when that pretty much happened in real life. I definitely like the idea that they’ll retire him. It’s much better! Lolol.

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