The Forgetting by Nicole Maggi

Book: The Forgetting by Nicole Maggi
Series: N/A
Pages: 352
Publisher: SourceBooks Fire
Date Published: February 3rd, 2015
Source: ARC
Date Started: April 13th, 2015
Date Finished: April 15th, 2015

Georgie’s new heart saved her life…but now she’s losing her mind.

Georgie Kendrick wakes up after a heart transplant, but the organ beating in her chest doesn’t seem to be in tune with the rest of her body. Why does she have a sudden urge for strawberries when she’s been allergic for years? Why can’t she remember last Christmas?

Driven to find her donor, Georgie discovers her heart belonged to a girl her own age who fell out of the foster care system and into a rough life on the streets. Everyone thinks she committed suicide, but Georgie is compelled to find the truth – before she loses herself completely.


This is one of those books where I’m really torn on whether I liked it or not. I guess there are some aspects that I did like and then there were some aspects that I didn’t like. But after thinking on this book for  a while, the things that I didn’t like about the book are starting to overshadow what I did like.

What I did like was that it was a unique story. Its scary to go through a organ transplant let alone go through having that organ take over your memories. I liked reading a story about tough issues, like sex trafficking. Its nice and refreshing and topics like this always need to be discussed. I liked that there were people out there that were passionate about something like this and that they got down to the heart of the mystery.

This book is more of a murder mystery than anything. And its not just your murder mystery of an incident gone wrong. Its a mystery of trying to uncover this giant sex trafficking ring. An extremely dangerous quest. But thats where the book started to lose me. The main character came off as a little boring to me and she had her own issues to deal with. It just seemed a little too random to me that she all of the sudden needed to solve this mystery. If it were me in her position, I would have been freaking out about having a heart transplant and then having it hijack me. I don’t think I would be as concerned about this sex trafficking ring, but thats just me. I guess I’m just not the knight on a white horse kind of person when it comes to a situation like this. But thats the other thing I didn’t like. This situation doesn’t come off as entirely believable and thats probably why I can’t picture myself doing the things that the main character did. The book also started to lose me at the end and even though there was a plot twist at the end, I wasn’t as involved in the story and didn’t really care much for the twist.

This is just one of those stories where teens are portrayed as being able to save the world. While I do believe that teens can and do have the power to make a difference, I just think there comes a point in a story where I don’t believe that a teen would normally go through this situation and not have any sort of adult help. Where all the adults are seen as incompetent and couldn’t possibly figure this mystery out. I like the story, I just don’t think I like the execution.

Another part of me also thinks that this story could have done without the love plot. Like I said earlier, the main character was doing way too much after her surgery. Falling in love while uncovering a hidden sex trafficking ring? I wasn’t really liking the love interest, and it wasn’t another one of those things where I found his presence to be just a little bit too convenient.

I liked the premise of this story, about basically being hijacked by a rogue organ. I also liked this book for its discussion of tough subjects. But do I like these two things together? I’m thinking that I don’t.

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