Relaunch and Give away!

Hey guys! Welcome back to the newly redesigned A History of Books! Thank you for sticking around and coming back. It really means a lot to me. Below, I’ve got some information and an exciting giveaway.

Why the change?

I know that this blog has had a lot of changes since its beginning days. I promise to stick to this look for a while. The most recent change occurred because I wanted everything to be perfect. I recently switched to self hosting and that took a lot of work on my end but allowed me to have more control and creativity.

Whats in the future?

Hopefully a website that runs smoother and looks great! I really want to give this blog all that I’ve got and in turn, I hope to have great discussions about books. It is, after all, the reason why we’re all here.


As a thank you for sticking around while the site was down, I want to do a give away. I’ve chosen history based books that are coming out this summer that I’m really excited to read. I’ve also thrown in a few other fantasy books that I’m dying to read. One winner will get their choice of one preorder below! Thank you guys for everything and good luck!

US Only.

Site Re-Launch Preorder Giveaway


    • Thanks! Its glad to be back. I’m all about contemporaries during the summer too, but this year might be different. The cover for Ivory and Bone is seriously gorgeous!

    • I know, right? Summer is going to be a busy season for books. Thank you, I really appreciate that!

  1. Welcome back. I was wondering why there hadn’t been any updates. Love the new look.

  2. Oh, god, I am so ready for Empire of Storms! Need it like I need life!

  3. EMPIRE OF STORMS OMIGOD YES. I will actually squee in the middle of my class if I get this. I will. You’re so amazing for doing this.

  4. Yes empire of Storms! If I win it it’ll make my whole year!!!

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