The Quarterly Book Club

For the 2015 year, Nina @ Words that Flow Like Water and I have decided to start up a new book club called The Quarterly Book club! This book club is on goodreads and we have tons of challenges, places to chat, and recommendations for lovers of YA fiction.

This book club is not only designed to bring book lovers together, but meant to be flexible for people who love to read and have busy schedules. You can participate as much as you want or as little. Theres no pressure, and its lots of fun. There are lots of book challenges to participate in with some having low pressure ranging all the way to challenges that include 20 books or more. You do what fits with your schedule! Theres also new people to meet and plenty of chances for book discussions. We mainly read YA, but we also read and discuss other genres as well.

Nina and I will be posting regularly on our respective pages with updates to the group. We hope to see you there and would love to chat with you about books!

You can find the book group HERE.

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