One Book or Two?

I’ve noticed something strange lately. I’m in the middle of 6 books. 6. I’ve always been a person who reads one book at a time because I like giving my full attention to one book at a time. Its like a relationship. I feel like I’m cheating or something if I pick up more than one book.

So what happened? Well, my schedule got all funky. I had this weird thing where I like to have read the book being featured at a book signing. This time, it was Alexandra Bracken. I was determined to have read Passenger before I met her. But then only read like 100 pages. I tried to do this with both the Marissa Meyer and Sarah J. Maas signings. Big mistake because I ended up failing miserably. I am no longer going to force myself to read a book before a signing, because I know myself, and I won’t get it done.

On top of Passenger, I am also currently in the middle of Lost Stars by Claudia Gray, Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahme-Smith, and a nonfiction book based on a documentary. This is getting out of hand for me. (In my defense, one of these books was spoiled for me and I lost interest in finishing it somewhat. You can read my take on spoilers here.)

Being in the middle of 6 books has got me thinking. Why do some people read multiple books at once while others only stick to one book at a time? I’m going to talk about my preference for only reading one book at a time, but I absolutely want to hear your reasons for reading multiple or just one book. I want to know what works for you and why. I love hearing about other people’s reading habits.

Why I choose to read one book at a time. 

Like I stated before, I treat books like a relationship, and I feel like I need to devote myself to just one book at a time. When I do this, I can keep timelines straight. I can keep up with the action. I don’t get characters mixed up. I feel like I get more out of the story if I give my attention to just one book. Which, once again, is like a relationship.

I also don’t like having too many options in front of me. If I have too many options in front of me, I want to explore them all. One minute I’m exploring the stars with light sabers, and the next I want to chop off zombie heads. I always fear that I’m mixing storylines up when I jump from book to book like this. Which then makes me feel like I’m not invested enough.

And then this is the part that really makes me wish I was only reading one book right now. If I had just stuck to one book at a time, I feel like I could have finished multiple books already. I think about how many pages out of each book I’ve read, and that adds up to more than one book. I’m not doing the Goodreads challenge this year, so it has nothing to do with keeping up with meeting a goal. I just like feeling acomplished. It’s that feeling when you finish a book. That you’ve completed something. Being in the middle of 6 books makes me feel so far away from that feeling, and maybe I get a bit discouraged. Like I bit off more than I can chew.

How I plan to get back to my normal habits. 

Honestly, I just need to pick a book and stick with it. And then move onto the next one. One step at a time. Thats all there really is to it. Oh and stop myself from picking up another book, no matter how tempting it seems.

I want to hear about your bookish habits. How many books do you read at a time? Do you have certain books for certain times of the day? For example, a book you only read while in bed, on your lunch, etc. Lets talk in the comments below! 


  1. I love how you relate reading a book to being in a relationship, that’s hilarious. But true! I generally try to only be reading one or two. Typically, if i’m reading two, it’s because one is an audio book, which I can read to and from class and work, and while cleaning, etc. But usually no more than 2!

  2. Haha, it was the best way to describe it! Plus, it allows me to have book boyfriends and such. I feel like audiobooks feel a little different, so I think I would be able to do one audiobook and one physical/ebook. I usually don’t do audiobooks though, so one book for me! Thanks for your input on your reading habits!

  3. I always read just one book at a time 🙂 I think the only time this changes is when I used to get assigned classic books to read for my English Literature class, or sometimes when I’ll be reading a chunky book that’s taking me longer to read, I’ll read a graphic novel for an hour or two to make up for lost time. But other than that, always just the one book!

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