July/August 2017 Wrap Up/TBR

Why, Hello there! It has been a while since I blogged. I think I just needed a break from my online life. My reading had been suffering because of it, and once I cut back, I was able to read more books in a single month. It felt great. It still feels great. I’m hoping to keep up this trend in August as well.

July Wrap Up

So in July, I read 5 books. Thats the most I’ve read in a single month in a very long time. I felt like a reading machine.

  1. Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom: I really loved this series. I loved Shadow and Bone, but I was really hesitant to read SoC. There has just been so much hype around this series, and I was really afraid I wasn’t going to like it as much as other people. But I buddy-read this with my friend Paige, and we both flew through it. It really is worth all the hype.
  2. The Princess Saves Herself in this One: I’ve been wanting to get to this for a while, and I really needed to read something that I could just fly through. I thoroughly enjoyed the poems. I found a lot of them to be beautiful and made me contemplate a lot of things. This book does require some trigger warnings like sexual assault. You can find the full list on the authors faq page here.
  3. I Believe in a Thing Called Love: So I have mixed feelings about this one. I was so excited to read this one because I’m always excited to read stories about asian characters. I loved Desi’s Korean heritage and the fact that it was a large part of the book. It was my favorite part. The parts I did have issues with is the actual romance aspect.
  4. Starfish: I think this is hands down my favorite read of 2017, and is definitely one of my favorite books ever. I related so much to the main character on so many levels. This comes out in September and I will be doing a full review of that for the blog tour.

August TBR

So, in August, I’m participating in #ARCAugust. This is the third time I’m participating in this challenge (I think?) and its a great way to get caught up on all the past arcs that I’ve fallen behind on.

Currently, I’m reading Blacksouls. I really loved Blackhearts because I’m a sucker for historical fiction. So far, I’m really liking it and flying through it!

The Epic Crush of Genie Lo, Moxie, Mask of Shadows, and Nyxia are all arcs I hope to get through this month. I’m not sure how I’ll actually do because I’m going on my honeymoon (yay, finally) for a big chunk of August. I do plan to read Dating You Hating You while I travel, though!


I want to hear about what books you’re excited for in August. Are you participating in #ARCAugust?


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