Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Book: Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Series: Graceling Realm #1
Pages: 471
Publisher: Harcourt
Date Published: October 1st, 2008
Source: Library
Date Started: December 4th, 2013
Date Finished: December 10th, 2013


Katsa has been able to kill a man with her bare hands since she was eight – she’s a Graceling, one of the rare people in her land born with an extreme skill. As niece of the king, she should be able to live a life of privilege, but Graced as she is with killing, she is forced to work as the king’s thug.

When she first meets Prince Po, Graced with combat skills, Katsa has no hint of how her life is about to change.

She never expects to become Po’s friend.

She never expects to learn a new truth about her own Grace – or about a terrible secret that lies hidden far away…


I have to admit, Graceling took me a long time to finish based on the rate in which I usually read. I was having a difficult time with this book because I was always unsure where the story was going. Now that I finished it, I still don’t think I’ve grasped the full point of this book.

Graceling is about a young girl named Katsa. There are special people who have certain abilities and skills that make them exceptional. These skills are called a Grace. Katsa’s grace is killing. Because of this, her uncle who happens to be a king, uses her as his personal attack dog to do his will. People fear her, and this makes her very awkward. Until one day, she meets a man her age who is also Graced with a skill similar to hers. This man is a son of a king of a different land. They become friends, and essentially band together to face their fears, and uncover a terrible truth in the kingdoms.

This book is really hard for me to describe. I don’t understand what the plot really was. As I kept reading, I kept hoping that the true plot of the book would be revealed to me. But it never was. The book felt like it was more of a journal of Katsa when her life was changed from her usual norm. There was one point when I felt that there was a plot, and the book kept leading up to this moment of facing a terrible truth. But once that moment came, it was so anticlimactic. After it was over, there were still several chapters left in the book. I figured that there must have been a larger overall point to this book, but it just never came.

As for Katsa herself. I liked her character. She was meant to be a strong willed character who could not be tied down by any one man. But when she fell in love, she still hung onto that ideology and it made for a really awkward relationship. It just seemed she was against the idea of the label of committed relationship. It’s understandable, but she swears herself to one man only. After that happened, I really didn’t see a point to her fighting that label. It just seemed as though she made the relationship more complicated than it really needed to be. Katsa did go through a transformation in the book that was really apparent. She was this dark, uncontrollable girl who just killed and had to always be moving. But once she started making friends, she seemed to calmed down. I liked her transformation. I have to say it was one of the more redeeming qualities of the book.

Other than that, I really don’t know what to say about this book. I can’t comprehend what really happened, so I really can’t comment too much on it. I’m not quite sure if I really liked the book or not. I usually like a book that has a theme or motif to it, an underlying message in which I can learn from. But I don’t feel like I really learned anything from this book. It just felt like a story without a message.

There are two other books in this series called Fire and BitterblueFire is about a completely different character, but is still based off of the same realm. Bitterblue is about a young princess turned Queen that traveled with Katsa in the first book. However, the book takes place a couple of years after the events in Graceling. To be quite honest, I am unsure at this point if I will continue with the series.

My score for this book is somewhere between 2.5 and 3/5.


  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve read Graceling. I remember really liking it. I even went back, borrowed it again and re-read it. That time, I think I became just a little bit disillusioned. But still I liked it, probably because I liked the chemistry between Katsa and Po. I also liked the world that Cashore created, but I think that’s about it. Actually, I think I liked Bitterblue the most out of all three, I think it had a little bit more direction, can’t really remember, since it’s been a while since I’ve read it haha.

    • I liked Katsa and Po together as well, and I liked the world Cashore created, too. I liked the book well enough, but I was hoping I would have been sucked into it a bit more. I think I was just more confused than anything. I’m going to try and read the rest of the series, and maybe I will like it more. Did you read the other two in the series?

      • True, it would have been nicer to be sucked in a little more. I think the first time I read it, I was, but that was years ago and my opinions on books were different then and now.
        Yeah, I’ve read them all, Bitterblue is my favourite (and I feel it’s like a completion to both Graceling and Fire that until you’ve read it, you didn’t realise you were missing kind of thing? Anyway that’s how I felt about it), and Fire the least. I didn’t really like Fire, I don’t know why any more. But from memory, there was something I didn’t like. But from other’s reviews it was pretty good, better than Graceling.

        • Hmm… I’ll have to check them out then. I mean, I definitely felt like something was missing, but I’m just unsure as to what it is, like you said. I’m sure that as I read the other two, I’ll feel more complete, if that makes any sense.

          From reviews that I’ve seen, I’m definitely looking forward to read bitterblue rather than Fire.

          • I think Bitterblue is definitely worth reading. It’s bigger than the other two, but it has twice as much stuffing. A lot of loose ties are tied and I feel like it’s been satisfactorily completed (as a trilogy – except that it’s not really a trilogy because all the books are also standalone).
            It’s hard for me to say you’ll love it, since I’m not entirely sure what you’re into, though I’ve read some of your reviews and seen the list of reviews to come (an impressive list with many books that I liked, so I can’t wait to see your review of them), I think you’ll probably like it a lot more than Graceling.

          • I think thats what I had the most trouble with. I felt like a lot of things were ended too abruptly, or just given a simple ending. I’m getting the sense that Bitterblue will solve a lot of those openended feelings that I have.

            And thanks for checking out the list! I have a much bigger list than that, but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. I just tried to make a list that was manageable. I have a goal to finish 10 books before the end of the year, so we’ll see how that goes. Maybe I’ll include the other two books in the graceling series.

          • Before Bitterblue came out, I never really thought about Graceling’s ending (it just happened a bit fast) because I was more interested in Katsa and Po lol. But then Bitterblue came out, I read it, and all those unthought of questions were answered without me thinking about them (if that makes any sense?)
            A manageable list is a good list :). Haha, well the year’s almost over! I’m sure you’ll manage. Looking forward to your review on The Darkest Mind (and several other books I noted on the list but can’t bring up at the moment) because that was one of my favourite reads this year!

          • I understand what you’re saying completely. I think that a massive world was presented and that theres lots still to discover for myself, and anyone else who hasn’t read it. I was really intrigued with the synopsis, so I think i’ll enjoy it.

            I’m really looking forward to The Darkest Minds. Its the next book I’m going to tackle, mainly because its due back at the library soon, lol. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a copy for a long time, and I got super excited once I did. If you say you loved it, then that makes me really happy. I’ve been reading some books lately that have felt a little lackluster, and I need something to completely draw me in.

          • I think you’ll enjoy it :).
            Haha when I have books that are nearly due back at the library I tend to read them faster than normal (and I read pretty fast) and usually I forget where I am when I finished. The Darkest Minds, I hope, will draw you in. Alexandra Bracken did a great job, it does live up to expectations. When I was finished, I was like ‘Oh-My-God’. I thought it was perfect as it was for a dystopia because it reminds me of George Orwell’s 1984 and some other top of the line dystopias. And THEN I found out there was a sequel. I was excited. Now, I’m trying to wait quietly and patiently for the copy I have on hold at the library, but…I’m totally not patient enough! Haha.

          • I’m really excited for it now. The book I’m currently reading is dragging along very slowly, and it just makes me want to read Dangerous Minds even more. I did love 1984, even though I haven’t read it since high school. I am excited for the sequel as well. I think I’m quite lucky with my library. They’re interlinked with like 10 other libraries, so at least one of them is usually bound to have a copy of what I’m looking for. If not, I can always get the e-book. If they don’t have the e-book, I can request it, and they get back to me within two days. And they always approve it haha.

          • Yeah, my high school didn’t get to read 1984, so I only read it this year – Now I totally get what everyone is talking about! – and it’s become my ideal kind of dystopia.
            My library is like that too, and well, there are soooo many people in line for the books and while there are many many many copies, there’s Still a line for it. Lolol. I’m not much of a fan of e-books, I’m too attached to paperbacks haha.

          • I need to reread 1984 again. I barely remember it. And lol i know what you mean. When i was trying to get a hold of requiem, i had so much trouble. I gave up on the library, and tried to get a used copy. That didnt work eithet, so i ended up buying it brand new. Ive never been so frustrated buying a book before, lol.

            I was the same with ebooks. I love the feel of physical books, and i feel like my eyes are more appreciative. My eyes feel like theyre aging at a fast rate when i read ebooks. But when i started moving into new places, i got so overwhelmed with how much space they took up. I only just recently this year started going to the library. Such a relief on my wallet and shelves, haha.

          • Hahaha Lol, yep I totally get that! For Requiem I just bought it because I bought the others as well, and I figured, why not have the whole set? Mostly I borrow though, and a lot of the time, I wait forever, so generally I’m really behind on sequels and when they come out (even though I’m always so excited and dying to read them! I end up reading them months after they come out).
            Ebooks and anything I have to read online or on a computer really hurt my eyes. Going to the library is definitely great for the wallet haha. But if a book is brilliant, and must be owned, I would totally buy it :).

          • See I have the Delirium series as well, but I was totally okay with just reading it first and then buying a copy later on when it would be cheaper used or something. I just got too impatient haha. I have the same mentality about a great book being owned. I like to think its an honor to be placed on my bookshelf. Haha.

            I love being behind on sequels. It just means that I can catch up with the next book right away instead of waiting a whole year.

          • Yeah, actually I bought Delirium on a whim (I was kind of in a buying-books-randomly-on-the-spur-of-the-moment craze at the time). But I’ve cooled down a bit and now I’m just borrowing them (just like before my craze). I think I’ve only bought a few books that I’ve read and re-read before hand. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, Eon and Eona by Alison Goodman are two favourites of mine that have a nice place on my bookshelf. It is definitely an honour! 🙂
            I know right? That is definitely one plus of being behind!

          • Sounds like your craze was short lived. Mine went on from when I was a child until last year or so, lol. I’m still a book collector, and like to have every book in my favorite series. I recently just did a book cleanse, if you will, where I went through my books and got rid of a lot of them if I didn’t feel a sentimental attachment to the book.

            I love just listen! I think Sarah Dessen’s books are the reason why I started reading YA when I was a teen. I was disappointed with her newest book, however. I think I actually wanted to throw that book at a wall.

          • Yeah, I got to the point where I needed more money first lol!
            Oh wow, I don’t know if I could do a book cleanse, though I know my friend certainly felt that he could. Your’re courageous, I could never book cleanse! It’s just me I guess, I get attached to all the books even if I don’t like it that much. It’s weird lol!
            Sarah Dessen was definitely the lovely lady who got me into YA! Although I actually read the Truth About Forever first, but Just Listen is my favourite. I liked the Moon and More better than What Happened To Goodbye (not by much though), but I was still annoyed with many bits about The Moon and More and even though I liked it, I also didn’t like it.

          • At first, I was unsure, too. But I knew that I would thank myself for all the space. And I did. I really don’t miss them, that much these days.

            I forgot which one I read first. Truth about forever was my ultimate favorite of her books. What happened to goodbye is near the bottom of my list, and The Moon and More, I can’t even put that one on my list. I tried so hard to like that book because I loved her other books. I just couldn’t do it.

          • Well that’s good! As long as there’s no regret, then I think every bookshelf deserves a book cleanse. Maybe one day I will be courageous enough to book cleanse too. For now though, my bookshelf is still okay (y)!
            I love the Truth about Forever as well. Both that one and Just Listen are my favourite Dessen books. Lol, yeah, her last couple of books just don’t feel as great as the others. I mean I’ll always be excited to read her new books, but in the case of favourites, they don’t top the list.

          • The way I like to think of it, is I sell my old books to get new ones. So I guess I have a sort of revolving door kind of thing going on with my books. Someone else can get some use out of them if I’m not going to.

            Those are my favorites too, along with Dreamland and This Lullaby. I think This Lullaby was the first one that I read. Her older ones are definitely more memorable to me. I can remember more details from them than I can What Happened to Goodbye and The Moon and More. Owell I guess.

          • I like that way of thinking. That’s what I did with my textbooks lol! Though they usually ended up with my brother. Yeah, I get it, with the books, if there is not particular attachment, why not sell them to someone who might be more attached than you? It’s also another great way to get that extra bit of book cash lol.
            I’ve actually yet to read Dreamland, but I liked This Lullaby, Someone Like You, and That Summer.
            Oh yes, I think it’s because they’re less complicated and more meaningful? Her later ones, after Just Listen and The Truth About Forever, are well, a little bit too complicated with a little bit too much irrelevant stuffing in between? Although Lock and Key was still making it in my favourite Dessen Novels List.

          • Textbooks are a whole different story for me, lol. Theres a great used book store by my house, and its massive. They usually give me good money for my books and have almost every book i look for, for cheap.

            I liked dreamland a lot, but its really dark compared to her other books.

            And i can see the complicated aspect in her books. I liked lock and key as well. That one was complicated, but it had a good ending. Dreamland is super complicated, but in a good way that still makes sense.

          • Lucky! In high school, textbooks sold, but didn’t sell well at the bookshop where they came from, so it wasn’t really worth it. It was better to just sell it yourself to someone in the year below. But the preowned books were generally much cheaper, so that was a plus!

            I heard it was much darker! I don’t mind dark books, usually the darker the better in some cases, but Dessen’s books are usually light, so I’ve been kind of afraid to touch it Lol.

            Complicated in a good way that makes sense is always good. Maybe I will give Dreamland a go sometime soon! Well after my pile of books from the library shrinks a little anyway lol.

          • Yeah, textbooks were the same for me in college. Its a scam, I swear! Lol. I turned to renting textbooks for much cheaper.

            And its understandable with Dreamland, lol. It feels so different than her other books, and I liked that feeling. I think its definitely a book thats haunted me for a long time. Its been a few years since I read it, and it still has an impact on me.

            And I heard ya on that pile! I just checked out 9 books on top of my two. For some reason, I just grabbed anything that was on my list when I saw it. Lol, I regret doing that now. I got two more books for christmas, and then I got three ARCs today after I got back from the library. I was like “what have I done….” lol

          • To be honest, I don’t even know how to buy second hand books at my uni and I’ve been there fore three years!! I’m just vaguely aware that you can. Anyway, a lot has changed since I started though, it went from textbooks and readers to e-readers for the classes where the reading didn’t come the textbook but from a variety of papers. So I spend like heaps of money printing out the readings each week. I’m starting to miss buying the actual printed semester readings from the uni bookstore – and they costed me a lot!
            Your pile’s bigger than mine atm. Mine’s only about six books high. Lol, I remember when I used to do that! Now, since I don’t have as much time to browse library shelves, I just put things on hold and wait for them to come in from the library haha. Sounds like you have a lot to get through!

          • I always went to buying mine online. I just always had to account for shipping time and all that. I remember I had to print a lot of articles and such, and that cost me so much money, so I feel ya! I ended up buying a tablet, and it saved me so much money and time from printing.

            I just graduated a few months ago, and now that I have more time, I’m just like gimmme gimme gimme with all the books lol.

          • Lol, yeah a tablet would be very useful!
            Technically my course is over, but I don’t graduate for a few months because the system is so weird at my uni. Or maybe it’s not the only one with a weird system, but whatever, I don’t get to graduate for a while. Either way, I’m getting the chance to finally catch up with books as well! It’s actually a bit weird that I’m reading whatever I want now rather than focussing solely on academic papers. But I’m not hating it that’s for sure!

          • Do you mind if i ask what youre studying? For my degree i had to produce a thesis paper, and it wore me out so much. Now that ive been done for a few months, im starting to miss it!

          • No I don’t mind. For my undergrad I majored in Linguistics–English as an International language. It’s probably simply said, cultural linguistics. Hearing the words ‘thesis paper’ already wears me out haha. Although when I hear that I expect it’s like more than 4000 or so words?
            Yeah, I know what you mean. I haven’t been doing much except relaxing and after that intense last semester, I feel like I’m taking it way too easy right now not having to go through intense and dense and sometimes, kinda painfully annoying papers.

          • Oh right on. That sounds really interesting. I majored in history and im off to graduate school soon. Im unsure how many words it came out to be, but it took me months to finish.

            I currently work at the school i attended, and everyday that i go there, i feel like something is off, like im supposed to be in class or I have an assignment due. It makes me paranoid haha.

          • History, that’s awesome! If I had space in my degree, I would have probably taken some electives in history too, but yeah, I was a little indecisive in first year haha.

            It was really interesting! It just took me awhile to finally decide that I wanted to major in it. I’m just doing postgrad at my uni. Wow it sounds like the paper took a lot of time and effort. I think it’s a little different down under, we get 3000 words major essays as part of coursework for every unit we do and we do four each semester. Well if you do a language as well, then you wouldn’t write an essay in that (you just get lumped with an exam lol!)
            So I wrote a total of about 9000 words for three units as part of the major essays in my last semester and I was definitely exhausted after!

            Lol, I’m hoping to work at my uni, it seems cool! Haha, it would definitely feel strange to be at school working but not having to worry about upcoming assignments and whatnot!

          • I love history. I started out as a literature major, then doubled with a history major, and then dropped the english degree. Although, i do regret dropping the english degree now.

            And wow! That seems much more structured than here in the US. Its up to the professor if they want a large paper of any amount of words or pages, an exam, or even both. In history, it was usually both and id be stretched thin by the end of the semester.

            I think working in a university is great! I work in a museum collections and its so much fun.

          • Lol I started out as a Journalism major, but I ended up minoring in it. I did a few literature electives because, well, I do love reading. But it seems I’m just more drawn towards linguistics. How come you dropped the english degree? (if you don’t mind me asking.

            It is? Lol I guess it is! I think it’s up to our Lecturers too but generally the pattern is pretty much the same so you know what to expect.

            And mostly (for cultural linguistics), we have minor assignments and then a major one at the end, and usually the word limits are about the same so it’s not too stressful. And talking about being stretched thin I really hated when major assignments are due around the same time. During my last semester ever, I had three papers due on the same day and all three were around 3000-3500 words. I had to plan everything right from the start of the semester so that I got in all the research and whatnot. Man I thought year 12 was stressful, but that was wayyy worse!

            Omg that’s awesome! I don’t think I have any words to describe how awesome I think that is.

          • I was almost a journalism major, lol. I had my own column with the same name as my current blog. I liked the name so I stuck with it. I dropped my english degree because I took some time off half way through school, and I had taken more history classes than english classes. When I calculated it all out, I would have been in school for another two years almost. At that point, I just wanted to hurry up and finish. I should have minored, but I never got around to doing it.

            The only thing I could have expected into each class was that there was going to be some sort of paper and an exam. Our exams were essays in which we only had 3 hours to complete, and half the time we didn’t know what the prompts would be. I felt like I was going in blind half the time. This was on top of our mid semester exams, or sometimes professors would do exams every two weeks. I think it depended on the size of the class. The bigger the class, the less work we had to do, and vice versa. and I hate it when stuff is due all at the same time! Especially right at the end when its crunch time.

            And it is pretty awesome. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I get to see all the stuff that the public doesn’t get to see, like millions year old footprints from birds, turtle shells, and all kinds of stuff.

          • Oh lol! What a coincidence haha. I like the name of your blog. It’s cool. Sounds like you’re probably better at journalism than I ever was. I just didn’t have a knack for writing hard news, nor the motivation, so I just minored lol. I see, yeah hurrying up and finishing, seems to be what everyone wants when they’re at uni. I know my boyfriend still has four more years to go, and that’s because he up and switched courses and then decided on a double degree that goes for five years. Yep, great stuff, all I hear about is his whining lol!

            Oh wow, that’s actually really, really different for exams in Australia, or well, my part of Aus anyway, I’m down the bottom in Victoria. Our tutors – we don’t just have lectures, we also have seminars where we do discussions and stuff, compared to the lectures where the lecturer just goes on, generally non-stop, quite a snorefest if it’s not very interesting – anyway our tutors generally give us everything for our exams, mostly, the ‘sample’ prompts they give us beforehand are actually the ones on the exam and this was for lit! I thought we had it tough lol!

            Poo, that really is very awesome! That’s a plus of being behind the scenes. You get the awesome stuff, while the public…sees the same old fossil :p jokes! But still that’s pretty awesome you get to be closer to what others usually can only see from afar (or well, a distance).

          • Thanks! Its a play off of my first name. My first name is Ivy, and some used to call me Poison Ivy from Batman. I thought I was pretty clever lol. I knew before I got to school that I might not like writing news stories full time, so I figured if I had the doubt, I didn’t want to try.

            And thats funny, my boyfriend did the same exact thing. He only has a year or so, but hes changed so many times, and so I get the whiny aspect lol. What a coincidence lol.

            We had seminars as well and for my degree, you had to take a topic seminar and then produce your thesis for it. For my history classes, we had lectures as well, but they were more hybrids with seminars. We always had to participate in some fashion. I think it was just to make sure that people showed up to class. My university is a big one and has one of those prestigious reputations, but it also had a party reputation that didn’t matter much to me lol. We had some professors that gave us advanced questions and sample questions, along with a class session that usually covered all the topics on the exam, but it was never a guarantee.

          • Oh that’s cool~! Yeah, there’s not much to play on my name except “Ninja” because it’s “Nina”. So that was like my only nickname lol!

            That’s pretty good foresight. I didn’t really have any feelings. I just wanted to write, so I gave journalism a try. But I guess I have too much personal opinion to write news articles. What I think is important clashes with what my teachers think. And what I see on tv clashes with what they teach even though they’re also published journalists…and so on. Oh well, I just wasn’t cut out for it I guess.

            Lol what a coincidence! Haha well, I guess being in uni is a way of finding what you want to do in the future I guess. Not sure what my boyfriend was aiming for since he also switched unis as well. It’s funny, last sem he overloaded and whined about overloading, and next year he’s also doing a diploma of languages alongside that too, so I don’t quite know how he’s going to handle that! I suppose I can only try to be a good support Lol!

            Ah I see. That’s both similar and different to my uni. If the lectures are small enough then discussion was encouraged. And most of the time third year classes were just seminars because there really was no point to have a lecture and then a tutorial, so they just made it a two hour seminar. Do you get marked on participation in the US?
            Most of my linguistic units had a participation requirement (but they’re really just to a) make sure students come to class, b) participate, and c) gives students space to gain marks). My boyfriend never understands why my classes are marked for that. It’s only like 10% of the entire semester mark, but he’s always cracking arts students jokes saying that it’s like the teachers have nothing left to mark so they allocate participation marks — he’s in engineering and they never get marked for participation, and most of his marks are allocated to weekly quizzes, a number of assignments that are never really worth more than 10%, and a final exam.

          • See, thats what my problem with journalism was. When I was in high school, I wrote book reviews, music reviews, movies, etc, so I could get away with writing more opinionated stuff. I think thats why I knew that I wasn’t going to be cut out for journalism as a major.

            Haha, my boyfriend switched universities as well, and just recently went back to the one he started at. I guess all we can do is be supportive and hope they know what they’re doing! lol.

            As for participation, we do, but it was always up to the sole discretion of the professor. Sometimes they did attendance as part of the participation grade, sometimes you had to actually speak in class, other times it would just be one class out of the week where we discussed the weeks reading, or groupwork would be a form of participation. My university had this electronic system implemented where we had these controllers with four buttons, each labeled a letter, and the professor would ask a question and we would have to push the correct answer on the controller. It was usually just meant for large classes, but it was easier to track participation that way.

          • The fun stuff! 🙂 Yeah, it’s hard to adjust. I figured, you’d have to be really motivated to go through the entire journalism course.

            Lol, it’s good my boyfriend switched! If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met him haha :). I really do hope he knows what he’s doing, he’s makes like three study plans every semester to plan out his degree! lol!

            Yeah, the tutors/teachers are like that here too, it’s up to them what counts as participation. Sometimes it also includes online discussions. Which I kind of find annoying because I don’t really check online very often haha, better things to look up!

            Oh cool, that’s a good idea for larger classes. We don’t have that here. Or maybe we do, just not in any of the lecture theatres I’ve been to.

            I have a question, I’m a bit curious because I always see it in YA novels and so on, but what are SATs? lol am I even referring to it correctly? haha :S

          • See, good things come out of finicky boyfriends! lol.

            I hattteeee online discussions. Ive taken a few online classes, and they drove me absolutely nuts. I forgot half the time to do online posts, or sometimes the professor would make us do group projects online, which was always a nightmare.

            And haha, yes you’re referring to it correctly. The SATs is a test you take before you start applying to universities. It tests you on math, science, reading, and some other stuff. You’re given a score at the end. Universities have a minimum score that you need to achieve in order to apply for their programs. But not everybody has to take them, its more optional these days. It just depends on what university you want to go to. I never took them, lol. I took another test called the ACTs, which is basically the same thing but has less emphasis on memorizing vocabulary.

          • Lol yep, I’ll raise my hat to that! haha.

            True! They are a nightmare. I’ve done online discussions because they were integrated into the unit guide but I know, if I ever took an online class, I would probably fail!

            Oh okay, good, I thought I might have been referring to it wrong because I have no idea what it is haha.
            I’ve heard about the vocab as an aspect of it. I think what’s her name in the Moon and More was bantering with someone (I forget who) about SAT words and I’m thinking, I don’t understand haha. We have something similar here, which you’d use in case you miss the final exams. I’m pretty sure it’s compulsory, though if you don’t do it, then you’d just have to do the final exam because, well you don’t have any other choice lol. It’s called the GAT. It goes for three hours, tests all the areas you mentioned. And there’s this thing that goes around every year. It’s a joke where you write a particular person’s name into your essays for the written part. The year I did it, it was Bear Grylls.

            Btw the vocab stuff (because that’s something we definitely didn’t have to do), what kind of vocab is it?

          • I actually had this nightmare for a online class. On my last semester, I took an online class during the summertime. The professor turned in my final grade two weeks after they were due, and he delayed me graduating. I was soooo furious with him, haha.

            Here, we have to take a standard test every year from the time that you’re 6 till you’re 18. It usually determines how much funding a school gets, and everyone thinks its unfair. And then after that, you take the SATs or ACTs for a university, if you want to. I think I’ve heard of the GAT, at least I’ve seen study guides for it before. It definitely sounds like more fun having that little joke! We didn’t have to write essays, it was optional. I did the essay because my major was english.

            And the vocab stuff is just memorizing a lot of words, their meaning, and how to use them properly. I believe they were words that weren’t commonly used in everyday speech. Most people forget the words after a while, haha. Here, in order to get a masters or doctorate, you have to take this test called the GRE, and its basically the same thing as the SAT. I’m currently studying for it, and I have hundreds of flashcards with words and their meanings on it.

          • Omg how infuriating!! That would have been such a pain >,< . Man how did he manage to leave turning your grade in two weeks after they were due? That's so unfair! I can see why you were furious with him! haha.

            Whoa they sound pretty important o.O (at least more important than the GAT). Haha, it is more fun with the joke, you just have to try and incorporate it somehow. No way! I'm surprised you'd see a study guide around somewhere, I thought it was purely just an Australian thing! Lol, then again, my world is pretty small, so who knows, maybe elsewhere has it too lol since it is a general aptitude test technically.

            It was a bit strange, even though I generally do better in humanties and english, for some reason, on the GAT I did better better in maths and science – I absolutely suck at science. It's so weird though, but then again, it might have been because the entire thing is multiple choice, so I guess I had more chances guessing lol.

            Lol it sounds like my studying another language haha. But it also sounds like it's kind of useful for thesis writing and so on. We technically just wing it with academic writing. In my case, I like to employ the use of a dictionary to make my essays sound technical. I swear, most of the time though, I feel like I'm just using a bunch of jargon for the sake of using jargon. Do you actually use the vocab that you learn for your essays?

          • He had a teaching assistant that did all the work. My professor was actually on vacation in china and just left his assistant to do it. She never responded to me, and he got mad when i tried to go to him to fix it. It was so frustrating. I wasnt the only one either. I had a friend who was waiting on the same grade for his graduation. It was rediculous.

            People get crazy about the SATs here. I think thats why its in so many YA books. You hear the word and you cringe haha.

            I think i may have seen the study guide or something on the internet. I know ive heard of it from somewhere haha.

            Its funny how testing works out like that. I have an aptitude for biology and it comes so easy to me, but it just never caught my attention like english and history did. I sometimes think standardized testing doesnt always work.

            I guess the point would be to expand your vocabulary for writing, but i felt like it never stuck! I always used the appropriate vocabulary and such for a paper, but never the words used for thosr tests. When i took my acts, we never had to incorporate the vocab we learned into an essay. The questions were always “what is the correct meaning” or “what is the proper use for this word” and just fill in the bubble.

          • Oh man, it sounds totally, completely and ridiculously ridiculous! I really, really, really hate it when teachers and substitutes just do things at their own pace. I mean fair enough, they can take their time and so on, but if you really can’t be bothered, just grade and give out the results then we can move on, and so can they! We have schedules too! For me, actually I went the other day to uni to go pick up my final essays and turns out one (i had three to pick up) was missing. And since I was doing units across two campuses (they’re only like 15 minutes apart), I went to the other one too to check as well. You’ll never guess what happened. It turns out my essay had actually been sent back to my lecturer and I didn’t find that out until I emailed him! And I didn’t even know I could pick up my essays, apparently, weeks ago! For some reason, this time, my tutors didn’t actually notify me beforehand, and I didn’t really notice because I had to study for my language exam anyway so by the time I did wonder, it was well, two days before the uni was closing for the chrissy holidays lol.

            Oh man, sounds crazy!! I read, in YA books, that some people even take the test a couple of times, to get a better score? That’s crazy~!

            Lol haha, yeah, I’m not too bad at maths, like most of the time it computes, but I’m pretty sure that I barely even answered half of the questions on my final exam so I couldn’t even believe it when my final study score for maths was at the average mark. The exam was terrible. I remember asking myself why did I take methods (There are three maths subjects we can take during our VCE years – yr 11 & 12 – and they’re General Maths, Maths Methods and Specialist Maths. General is the easiest going over stuff like compound maths, methods goes in depth with algebra and calculus and does a bunch of graphs, and specialist…well that’s way too hard for me! Lol.) I’m good at memorising formulas, but application is a little harder, and I like spend hours figuring it out lol. But once I’ve figured it out, it’s fine…either way, I can’t believe I took methods haha, it was probably because of the bonus marks. Oh lol, why did I suddenly go into a rant about maths? haha I kind of got carried away there…oops!

            Lol I don’t think it’d stick for me either! I feel that writing is on instinct and intuition lol, so I just write and generally the vocab is appropriate. I find it’s way too awkward if I shove in too much jargon forcefully just to make it sound more sophisticated.

            Lol doesn’t sound too bad – I guess it would just be a pain memorising all the words and meanings. I remember doing something similar for English Language (linguistics) and Legal studies in high school. And I guess it kind of works the same for maths, remembering how to use all the different formulas.

          • That sounds terrible! Its like a rule that universities have to run on their own time and are scarce on information.

            And retaking the SATs happens A LOT! I retook my ACTs twice. They put up the test like every two months, and you can retest if you need to. Universities will take your highest score that you get. For the GRE, you can retake it every 6 months. Its kinda nice that you can have a second chance, but some people get crazy about it. I’ve heard of scams where people will hire really smart students to go an impersonate them and take the test for them for a large amount of money. Its ridiculous how many people base their futures off of the SATs.

            Haha no worries about the rant. I understand how you feel! I hated math, it was my worst subject. And then I went and took some math classes at my university, and thought about becoming a math major for a total of one week. Afterwards, I was like “what was I thinking!” haha.

            I remember none of the words from my tests. I’m trying to study vocabulary now, and I can barely remember it, haha. I remember once getting into an argument with someone and they asked me to stop using big words. For some reason I found this really funny because I didn’t think I used big words, but apparently some of the words I studied did stick, lol.

          • It was a pain! But my Lecturer was nice, well he should be haha I’ve him lecturing my classes for almost three years! He’s the lecturer for my major so I see him around a lot.

            It’s good that you can retest, but it sounds like a pain haha. It also sounds like a life or death thing lol!
            You know, I’ve seen that happening in American tv shows and movies! You know, if anyone impersonates me for a test/exam, I’m pretty sure they could do it without problems. You see my Student ID well…for some reason it’s come out all pixelated. Like seriously pixelated, so much that you can’t really see my face. <my picture kind of looks like the one on the left, though not that badly pixelated. You can still kind of see the shape of my face and the eyes and so on, but still, at the same time, it doesn't really look like me. When I got it, I laughed because it was so ridiculous! And yet no one else has complained about it lol

            Lol no way! Haha, that's funny. I give you points for motivation lol. Once I finished high school, I finished with maths too. I just couldn't take any more! I figured I'd leave maths to someone who could do it better than me.

            That's funny! Must be all those hours of hard work finally surfacing from the subconscious. That reminds me, I should probably get started on writing up a list of words that sound big and sophisticated for next year. I'm a bit terrified to do post grad because well…since we don't have sats/acts/gre here to keep me on my toes, my vocab is probably lacking haha. Then again…it is the summer holidays here…

          • Haha, yeah I’ve seen plenty of movies where they try to cheat on the SATs. I think it mostly happens with the kids who want to go to the Ivy Leagues like Princeton or Harvard. Their requirements are obnoxious, though. So I can see how some people will do anything to get in!

            And thats funny about your ID. I think people change so much from the time they get their picture taken. I had my drivers license picture taken like four years ago, and people question it when I try to go to a bar sometimes.

            I should have been done with math, but I was missing a year for the requirement for my university. I could have tested out of it, but I never got around to doing it, haha. Owell! too late now!

            Is it warm during your summer holidays? Were in the midst of Christmas/Winter break, and its freezing! It just snowed last night, and I swear I have been glued to my electric blanket all day, lol. But then again, I live near the mountains at a higher elevation than the rest of the US, so I should be used to it, lol.

          • Ivy League schools, I figure Oxford and Cambridge in England/the UK would be equivalents, but I can’t really think of an equivalent in Aus. I mean the uni I go to, in my opinion is one of the top three in my state, but, that opinion varies depending on who you talk to. For top notch unis…I can’t even name any now that I think about it o.o. It’s probably because everyone mostly think about where they want to go and what’s better for them I guess! That’s what I did. Plus I’m pretty sure Australia doesn’t have half the number of universities and colleges that the US does lol!

            Lol, true!! When I had my uni ID taken I had short, above the shoulder with a fringe kind of hairstyle, now it’s really long and no fringe, so I’m always surprised that when they check out ID at the start of exams the supervisors don’t question it. My learner’s permit though is a better picture with the newer style…it’s strange because I had that taken around six months after the ID. Funny how much I changed in six months lol.

            Oh well indeed haha!

            Last week it was hot, 30-40 degrees celsius over three or four days. It was sunny too. But then the temperatures dropped again, yesterday was humid, no sun whatsoever, and today it’s like 20 degrees celsius, and well, relatively cold in comparison T.T . This year it’s been a little crazy with the weather! But I reckon it’ll warm up properly in January and then I’ll probably be thinking ‘it’s way too hottt’ even though I wanted it to be hot because winter went on for too long this year!

            It sounds cold over there. I was about to ask if it snowed, but then I read your next sentence lol! It doesn’t snow here sadly. It only snows on the mountains. Where I live, we just get the chilly winds and rain from the mountain nearby but never any snow (It’s pretty damn cold for me even without the snow so I wrap myself up in a tonne of blankets and camp out on the couch under the heating vent – it’s nice and warm lol). I think it’d be cool to see snow, but I’ve yet to the mountains and check it out. Not sure why I haven’t gone yet though!

          • They are about the same equivalent. I didnt go to one of those, but i guess a grade below? My school is mostly known for its sports teams. It gets crazy haha. And i think that whatever fits you is the best choice. My state alone has so many universities and colleges, and each of them have multipld campuses. Mine is set up in the mountains away from the main cities. Its really pretty!

            See we have ids, but we dont need them to take exams. Were assigned numbers, you memorize it, and use it to identify our exams. Its the only system that really works at my university. We have over 40,000 students.

            And that sounds so nice right now. It gets hot in the summer, and then im wishing for the snow. It snows here, and then im wishing for summer lol. I like where I live because we get to experience all four seasons. Nowhere in the US does that actually happen. The snow is fun for a while, but it kinda becomes annoying. You have to change the tires on your car sometimes, and theres lots of car accidents when it snows. Or it takes you 2-3 hours to reach your destination when it usually takes 30minutes!

            Im also filipino, and when i go to visit the philippines, its so humid and hot its almost obnoxious!

          • Oh I definitely think that it’s best to go to the uni/college that suits you. Over here, people were all for the top uni and they were working their bums off for scores above the ninety to get into that school. I just kind of thought ‘what’s the point?’ Since I don’t drive (yet) and I only take the train, I couldn’t really be bothered with going to one that was kind of on the other side of the city – a bit lazy but yeah. I’m quite happy with my uni so I couldn’t care less lol. I wish mine was somewhere pretty. The campus that I’ve been spending the most time at this year is (well it’s also in the suburbs like the other one) considered it’s own suburb because it’s so big, and I don’t think the architecture is that great to look at. Plus there’s construction going on everywhere, either building something new or refurbishing some other part. Shame really. Your campus sounds like it’s definitely in a nice place!!

            Lucky you! I always have to remember to bring my ID, not that it isn’t always in my wallet, but still, gotta remember to take it out. We have numbers, but they’re just desk numbers.

            Lol haha I totally get that feeling! All winter – because it dragged on for sooooo long – I was dying for summer, or at least spring. But it took forever. Normally spring rolls in around september-october, but this year, it was september-october and the sky was still dumping freezing cold water on us. It was only recently we got hot weather, it was funny, one week I was saying ‘it’s so cooollldddd I want the sun’ and the next week, ‘it’s too hottttt’. Lol, too bad I can’t send some sun to ya!

            Yeah, I’d figure even the snow could become a pain after it’s lost it’s initial awesomeness. It sounds like a pain!

            I can almost imagine that! It would be quite warm and humid in the Phillipines nearly all year round being that close to the equator wouldn’t it?

          • Definitely. Universities out here are based on whether you want to go to one based on science or more the humanities. Even certain universities have different campuses with different concentrations. I think part of the reason I chose mine was because of the view. I lived in a high rise dorm, and I could look out at the mountains, and it was really pretty. I’ll have to upload a picture and show it to you sometime!

            As I’m writing this, I’m freezing, lol. I went out to go see some christmas lights, and it was so cold lol. As soon as I got home, I put on my thick blanket and bunkered down lol.

            Its so humid year round, but especially in the summer. The heat is unbearable. But We live next to the beach where its much cooler. But during the cooler months, its mostly monsoon season, so its just rain all the time.

          • Ooohhh Please do! Sounds like it’s really pretty!! I live at home, so my inspirational visual materials are well…lacking. I used to have cows behind my fence and across the rail tracks, but they’ve already built a new estate there, so there are just more houses. It’s very boring. At least before there were cows! lol!

            I chose my uni because of the distance and well it’s one of a few that had both a good rep and minimal travel distance lol. Originally I chose my my campus because I liked the architecture better, but then over the last couple of years I had to spend more time on the other campus because the had more , no actually, they had all the linguistic (actually linguistics unit and not just cultural linguistics) units.

            Haha, sounds cold! Actually yesterday was cold, and today it warmed up drastically and I was definitely not prepared for hot weather so I was stuck in leggings and a t-shirt for most of the day. (T.T I couldn’t do anything about it because I was so busy helping around the house) But tomorrow, it’s forecast to be a sunny day for Christmas! 😀

            Wow it sounds very different to where I am and from anywhere I’ve been before. I’ve actually only been to Guangzhou because well, all of mum’s family is there and the last time I went, it was winter, but it was warm enough to be the average spring day here down under lol. I was surprised! haha. But it was funny, when I did come back home, I was extremely pale for someone who’s usually tan brown during summer haha. The minute the sun I met, well, I turned red (before then I had never actually turned red before that, I just tanned)!

          • Lol, I live in a suburb, and the most we get is an occasional fox. Maybe a rabbit, lol. I’ll dig around and see if I can find a picture!

            And sounds like a nice Christmas! The sun is finally out, but its still really cold, at least for me. I feel like I can’t find enough socks, sweaters, or blankets to warm me up!

            Do you have asian ancestry? I’m half american, half filipino, with some chinese and japanese mixed it. I’ve been to china before, but I was in Hong Kong for a short layover.

          • Lol My area isn’t technically suburb (as you might have guessed from my previous discussion of cows lol) but it’s not really rural either. I call it the edge of the metropolitan, but it doesn’t really feel like that either. It’s like this: The metro train system extends all the way to my area, but we’re practically the end of the line, I live approximately one hour from the city by train yet I’m not living in the next city over. And technically if you drive about twenty minutes from where I live in the direction of the city, then you’ll hit the suburban areas – or what you imagine as suburban. The suburbs in between there and me, well, it’s more spread out so there’s a slight bit of highway between each suburb. So generally overall, I don’t even know what to call my area. It’s a mix between suburban and rural lol!

            It’s definitely good weather for a barbeque, but we’re due for a change in weather in a couple of days, so the temperature will drop again, poo. Yay, at least the sun came out for you! 🙂 Lol, your winter sounds definitely much colder than mine ever gets haha, but mine’s cold enough, I reckon I’d freeze in the US!!!

            Oh yes MERRY CHRISTMAS lol! I hope you have/having/had a nice chrissy! (sorry I can’t remember if the US is before us or behind us on the clock. Right now, Christmas has about 4 hours to go before its over lol!)

            Yeah, I’m an ABC! Both my parents are Chinese but I was born here in Aus. Dad’s from Hong Kong and Mum’s from Guangzhou.
            Oh wow, that’s some mixed ancestry! American, Filipino, Chinese and Japanese! Lol, do you ever get a bit confused about your identity? haha

          • Lol, I understand. We have a mix of rural and urban near my home too. Theres a lot of farms in my area and everything is connected by a series of highways. We don’t have a train that connects the big urban cities together yet, but its getting there. Its supposed to be built sometime soon, so for now we just use a bus or a car.

            And it depends on where in the US you go! Like down south, its warm and humid. But I live in such a much higher elevation that its just cold. But the summers are pretty warm.

            Merry Christmas to you too! We’re behind by like a day and a half from you. I believe when its day time for you, its nighttime for me, and vice versa. At this current moment, its like 9:00pm on christmas night!

            And thats cool! Its nice to meet someone with asian flair to them as well, lol. And I do get confused! I’m both an american citizen and a filipino citizen, so I sometimes have to travel with two passports and such. Most days I go with the American, probably because I live in America. Other days, I go with the filipino and thats because I’m craving some sort of dish from there, lol.

          • Lol, yep,I feel lucky that the train actually reaches my area. Because I still don’t have my full license yet! Lol!

            The US is pretty big. It’d be awesome to go over there some time and just go everywhere. It’son my list of places to go before I die, so I reckon I’ll get around to it. It’s probably pretty much the same in most countries that have a lot of landspace. In Aus, up north it’s more humid and warm, sticking closely to equator-like temperatures than where I am, in Vic where it’s got supposedly an even balance of winter and summer weather. Not that I’ve seen much of that this year lol.

            Ah that’s right! I figured that while I’m awake most likely you’re asleep, but I forgot approximattely how many hours differed between the US and Aus (our respective location of course! not the entire country haha) I remember now, by the time you’ve had your new years, we’ve already past it by around twelve hours or so. So right now, while I’m writing this, you’ll be celebrating christmas! And at shopping centres all around me the Boxing Day rush is happening lol.

            I know right! Wow that’s awesome, I can’t believe you have a dual citizenship! Pooh I only have Australian citizenship, how boring lol.

          • Man there are so many places that I want to go. I just recently went to London, and I’m thinking of going there for graduate school. My next need to visit place is Paris, and I’m getting anxious about it. I’ve been traveling my whole life, and so when I get planted at home for too long, I start to get anxious and jittery. London was only 7 months ago, but i’m already getting the itch!

            Lol. Its nice that you have the “Boxing Day Rush”. We don’t have a name for sales after christmas. they’re literally called The Day After Christmas sales, lol. The only big sales we have like that are Black Friday after Thanksgiving, but its getting so bad here in the US that the shopping starts in the middle of the holiday, and people are angry about it. Its nonsense to me, lol.

          • Oh wow! London, I want to go there too. Lol, You said it! There’s a whole world to see! You’re so lucky you get to travel often, I’m at home mostly. I do travel a bit in Australia, but over the last few years, I haven’t really gone too far except to camp over the summer holidays. I’d rather fly though.

            Lol haha, yeah well it’s arelatively big thing here, adverts make a big deal of Boxing Day, but really, even after Boxing Day there are still sales going on right until well, the New Years lol!

            Omg funny that you should mention Black Friday, My boyfriend actually brought it up last night during our convo. And I was like it sounds vaguely familiar…!

            Lol sounds like a mess! I think Boxing Day is a bit tamer these days but generally I prefer to go to sales after. Less fuss lol.

          • I love traveling so much. Its so much fun. My family recently went to Australia, and I was upset that I didnt get to go!

            Lol, sounds like my black friday and your boxing day have a lot in common. I’ve stopped going out for black friday because its been known to get violent, and it just doesn’t seem worth it to me. and a lot of it is starting to go online, so I’d rather stay at home in my pajamas and order from my computer instead!

          • Waahhhhh I’m so jealous of you right now! Haha.
            Oh cool, did they enjoy it here? Such a shame you didn’t get to go as well, school stuff?

            Lol sounds like they do indeed! Yeah I avoid it as much as possible, I don’t like the idea of getting trampled on. And since I’m pretty small myself, getting shoved about in shops does not sound like fun. Lol online shopping is fun, but I’m the fussy kind because I’m so used to finding it very hard to find clothes that fit my size – I’m always afraid of buying something without trying before hand and finding out that it doesn’t actually look that great on me. Actually one of my friends (more like friend-acquaintance actually because we only had class together) bought a grad dress online, when she got it, turned out it totally didn’t fit her! It was such a shame.
            Anyway, I worry a bit about my size, generally I’m a six in australian sizes which I think is equivalent to a two in US or XXS. Sometimes though for clothes, an eight of XS would fit better. But jeans, definitely a six. SO yeah, even though shop to shop shopping is tiring, I suppose I prefer it. I can see myself trying on things I bought online and then deciding I don’t like it because it fits weirdly lol. Wahhhhh I just realisedhow fussy I sound! Haha

          • I don’t remember. For some reason, I think I didn’t know until they got back. Haha. And I probably was in school or had to work or something. But no worries, I’ll just have to go without them. 🙂

            I think clothes are the one thing that I don’t buy online. I’m picky too, and I like to see what it looks like and try it on. I’m realllllly picky about the way clothes feel. I’m allergic to a lot of stuff, and I’m stuck only using one kind of detergent because the other ones have dyes and perfumes in it that make my skin itch and break out like crazy. Clothes have to be super soft for me. Like I can’t wear wool or I get super irritated skin and the only way to make it stop is to shower! Lol. So maybe I’m the same way you are when it comes to sizes. My best friend is actually that small too. Except, when we were teenagers, we used to get into wrestling matches and she’d always win. small person packs a big punch lol.

          • Lol haha so they sneaked off without you ey? :P! Fair enough, can’t be helped! Lol do, Australia’s pretty cool, though I’ve only been mostly to places along the east coast, so I don’t know much about the west! If you ever come down under, maybe you can visit me lol!

            Oh yes, yay for picky clothes buyers! But for things other than clothes, online shopping is totally awesome! And it’s great for buying things that you won’t find in stores, and definitely cheaper!

            Omg that totally sucks! My brother has eczema and the other day he showed me the rashes that were forming on his right side. They weren’t too bad for eczema, but I hadn’t realised that his had come to a point where the skin was irritated like that. I don’t actually have allegies, so I won’t pretend to know exactly how you feel, but when I was younger I also had eczema and it was in the worst possible place – on the back of my thighs, so I had to find pants that didn’t make me itch (because I was totally not a fan of skirts when I was younger) and I hated swimming. But then I got over it. I’m scared it’ll come back, but since then, there’s nothing except that sometimes I do get a bit itchy all over, and that sensation that comes with eczema comes back, but I remind myself that I absolutely must hold back, plus I use those creams to ease the burning sensation.

            Lol, haha, I totally understand that! I used to think I was invincible lol! Now, not so much haha.

          • Haha yeah they’re always doing that, going to Costa Rica, Bahamas, you name it. I put my foot down for Disney World though. Haha. And that would be cool to come visit you! The same goes for you if you ever want to visit the US! I’ve been to both coasts, mostly the west. I live smack in the middle, lol.

            I definitely buy a lot of my books online. I just bought a bunch because they were on sale for the holidays. Baaaad idea. I’m barely half way through my stack from the library!

            Speaking of books, idk if you saw on my blog that I finished The Darkest Minds. LOVED IT. I went out and got the sequel this morning from the library, and I read the short ebook today as well.

            Man I hate eczema. I get that like every other summer. Sometimes in my elbows, and others behind my knees. Behind the knees is the worst. I have those creams too, but they feel icky during the summer.

          • Lol. Haha, definitely can’t miss Disney world! That’d definitely be awesome! Then I can totally say I have a friend from America lol :P. And yep, dropping by sounds great haha. Lucky you! I suppose I’d like to go to the west coast sometime, but really, in my opinion, there’s just so much more on the east side. The west is all about mine, mining and actually,well, maybe some interesting rock formations. Darwin’s about the heat. But where I live, we’re the artsy fartsy city. Or something like that. Melbourne though, is definitely a lot better than Sydney that’s for sure! (okay so maybe I’m a little biased lol!)

            Lol haha, yeah that miiiggghhhttt be a bit of a problem lol. But the good thing about books that you own, well, you can read them whenever :P! Library books though…well I’ve almost finished my pile, due in a week or two. I was surprised I whipped through them pretty quickly since I haven’t reading hardcore for a while lol!

            Lol, I haven’t checked yet since today was pretty busy, which reminds me, even though I still have like 45mins until midnight,but HAPPY NEW YEAR!
            Anyway, I saw that you liked my review on goodreads. It’s awesome right???? OMG I want that sequel but I’m waiting for it at the library. Boo, maybe I will just go out and buy it. It wasn’t out yet when I finished The Darkest Minds (that was sooooo disappointing!!!).

            Oh yes, behind the knees is definitely the worst!! I’m generally okay, it was much worse when I was younger. And yep, those creams are really gross during summer. The feeling is just…yuck.

          • Yes you can! and I can say I have a friend in Australia! See, for me, I’m content with being in the middle of the US. The coasts are polluted and my state is really pretty. It gets cold but its worth being able to experience all the seasons.

            I keep replacing my library books so my pile doesn’t shrink at all. My boyfriend wanted to return a book today and I ended up taking home more books.

            Happy New Years to you too! I’m sure you’re well into 2014, but I’m still stuck in 2013 for another 5 hours.

            I’m like 100 pages into Never Fade and it just feels so different to me. I’m kind of kicking myself now because I’m not just jumping into it. I’d probably enjoy it more.

          • Lol that’ll be awesome! :D!
            Well, it might just be better to be in the centre! It’s good to be experience to all the seasons, even if I do get them all in one day some days….but having all the seasons is good. I can imagine is kind of sucks to be in the more polluted areas.

            It’s way too hot in the centre of Australia, and if it’s not too hot, it’s dry, no one lives there lol! Yeah, the city’s a bit smoggy here too, but it’s not as bad as guangzhou, so I’m happy 😛 since I’m at a fair enough distance from it be able to breathe fresh air lol.

            Lol haha,I just finished my library book pile twenty or something mins ago, and now, it feels strange to have nothing to read! Though I could read Allegiant but….I’m a bit scared to, it’s the final and well….
            I think the library opens again tomorrow, if it does, I guess I’ll just have to get some more! Haha

            Lol, I think you’re about to have your New Years according to Nine news. And since I’m kinda watching the news at the moment, I’ll probably get a ten second shot of the ball falling in NY lol!

            Wahhh omg, envious!!! The Darkest Minds gives you plenty of expectations for Never Fade, so I’m not surprised you’re kicking yourself lol. Try and not hurt yourself too much haha.

          • Most of the polluted areas in the US are mostly warm, with the exception of New York. New York is its own world, lol. Where I live theres still a lot of open land, so we still have lots of trees. I live somewhat near a major US city, but being so high up in elevation kinda takes away some of the pollution and the trees do that as well. It just makes it more pleasant lol.

            I read Allegiant. I’m still unsure how I feel about it. I mean I loved it and hated it at the same time. Veronica Roth is not kind to her characters at all. I remember reading an interview where she said that she preferred that Harry Potter dying because itd make a stronger book. I was like whoa… we need to calm down here, lol.

            Lol. I’m about two hours behind New York. We have to watch the ball drop like five times and they always just replay the same footage lol.

            I’m determined to finish never fade in the next two days!

          • Sounds like a lovely place to live. Here, this suburby place I live in, well, it just get’s more urban every day. Not many trees, not much elevation either. Oh and a noisy railway track. Not the best, but, well, since it’s an estate, I guess, it’s relatively pretty in an estate kind of way.

            Oh wow lol, that’s harsh haha, though if Potter had died…I don’t really know if it can be classified as a kids book anymore lol. Too martyr-ish.
            Hearing this, I’m even more hesitant to read it now! I’ve been going back and forth over the last 24hrs trying to decide where I should just read it or leave it for a little longer. I didn’t like Insurgent as much as Divergent, so I’ve been hoping Allegiant will be much better but….

            Oh lol! Haha, yeah, I kinda switched the channel while it was falling. And the channel I switched to just happened to show a replay of the fireworks in Sydney. They didn’t even show the fireworks from my city on reply! How disappointing lol…can’t help but think, what’s so great about Sydney. Been there several times, and found that it lost it’s shine after the first trip Lol!

            You can do it! (y)

          • I mean, I loved Allegiant, but it wasn’t my favorite in the series. Divergent was my favorite of the three. But the ending was satisfactory for me. A lot of people hated the ending, but I think it was because people sometimes have that fairytale style ending stuck in their heads. It did feel a little slow for me at first, but it was still a good book.

            I’m like 3/4ths done with Never Fade, and its pretty good so far. I didn’t like the beginning, but its good now. Hope you get to read it soon!

          • Hmmm, after hearing your opinion, it does make me want to read it more now! I guess, I really want to sit and read it in one shot. It seems like the kind of book that needs absolute attention. But it’ll have to wait a bit haha …I just got a few more books from the library today…surprisingly I didn’t think I would!

            Omg omg omg, no way!! Me too! I definitely want to read it asap!

          • I think its doable to read allegiant in one shot. I think I finished it over the course of like two days or something. Ive been reading the short Four novellas too. I like those but they feel so spaced out in terms of when theyre released. It drives me nuts lol.

            Its like 3am here, and Im still reading Never Fade. It got really juicy once I got the halfway point. I really like this series!

          • I think I’ve read one of the Four novellas, I saw a post on it on fb or something, but I didn’t know there were more! Lol. I think I’ll go find the novellas, I really like Four!

            I saw the preview for Divergent, last month I think? It looks good! Makes me want to go watch it in cinemas, same with Vampire Academy, so can’t wait until Divergent comes out here!

            Lol, sounds like it’s become a page turner! I think the last time I read the night through was with The Darkest Minds haha!

          • I think that theres only two out right now. They got postponed for some reason or another. I had one preordered for this month, and it got pushed out till june 🙁 Shes supposed to put them all out into a book, so I’m debating on just getting the physical copy.

            I am soooo excited for the divergent movie. From the previews I’ve seen, it looks pretty good and pretty on cue with the book. I know they removed a few small scenes, but I’m okay with that. I want to see Vampire academy too. I haven’t read the books, but I did just buy the first in the series to give it a try. I want to read Mead’s other series too, Bloodlines.

            When I finally finished it, I didn’t know if I liked it or not. It took me a while to think about it. I decided I liked it, but there were some parts I didn’t pay attention to. I think my mind was somewhere else or something.

          • Whoa that sucks! I hate it when books/ebooks are pushed back :(. The wait becomes agonising.

            Ooohh I hope she does put them altogether into one book!

            I know right? It looks awesome! WEll, it can’t be helped, the book is pretty big and there are heaps of events that happen. As long as they get most of it and keep it on cue with the plot overall, then I’m a happy girl :). But Tris looks a little taller than I expected. On the other hand, Four…there’s this scene in the previews, the one from the book where he shows Tris the tattoos on his back. In the book, it sounds cheesy and I totally couldn’t imagine the design, but in the preview, it looks totally hot.

            VA is pretty good for a vamp book. Wayyyyy better than Twilight (of which I am not a fan at all). I liked VA a lot, but I loved Bloodlines! Both series are really good! They’re each their own series with really good points and maybe some (but rarely) bad points, but I love Bloodlines more than VA.

          • I thought they got the characters pretty well. I like the actress they picked for Tris. At least I’ve liked her in the other movies and shows I’ve seen her in. Shes going to be in the Fault In Our Stars too. I’ve been wanting to read the book because the movie looks good as well. The guy they chose for Four, I like him too. I’ve only seen him in one other movie and I liked him in that. They made him wear blue contacts, and he looked gorgeous, lol. I’m not gonna lie! I like the tattoos! I didn’t imagine them to be like that. For some reason I wasn’t picturing a tribal style of tattoo, but I think it works for the movie!

            I liked twilight when I was a teenager, but then I discovered that there were some better books out there. I refuse to let go of my copies because they’re all signed, haha. I’ve been trying to get my hands on bloodlines but the wait line is a little long, so I’m going to have to wait on that. I’m gonna try to read VA before the end of the month. Have you read all of both series?

          • I like who they picked for Tris as well :), from the preview, she sooooo has me as Tris! And yeah, I heard about that. I haven’t seen her in anything else though, but I think she’ll do well in both Divergent and the Fault in Our Stars (I’ve yet to read this too! But I’ve heard it’s really sad, but also funny at the same time.)

            Ooohhh do you remember which movie that was? I’ve yet to see him anything. I know right? I couldn’t really picture it much in my head, though maybe a splash of tatoos randomly scattered on his back, particularly when we’re told there are a tonne of Abnegation tattoos on his back(I think that’s what it was in the book). But I agree, it definitely works for the movie!

            Lol, I liked it when I read the first one for the first time, then I read all the other ones, found way more interesting books to read and yeah, discovered more lol. Well if they’re signed, then it’s worth keeping I think! Yeah, well, it’s a pretty good book. Have you read any of Richelle Mead’s work before?

            I’ve read all of VA, and up to Indigo Spell for Bloodlines. I’m currently waiting on the latest book. Not sure how many is supposed to be in the series though, except I have a feeling it’ll be the same length as VA.

          • My friend absolutely hated The Fault In our Stars, and so I was kind of afraid to read it. But I’m just gonna dive into it and hope for the best.

            And Theo James was in the last Underworld Movie. He was pretty good in it, and he had a pretty big role. I’m sure he’ll take off as soon as Divergent comes out.

            I haven’t read any of Richelle Mead’s books. I read the Marked series by PC and Kristin Cast, and I got turned off by a big vampire series. I lost interest halfway through the marked series, and I was afraid that VA was going to be the same. But I have that mentality out of my head now, so I’m looking forward to it.

          • Lol, my friend said she was laughing and crying…on the train so yeah, apparently it’s really sad. I’m definitely afraid of reading it. I’ve read two of John Green’s books, and I want to read the rest of his books, but I put down Looking for Alaska (I think that’s what it’s called) because it got sad, and The Fault in Our Stars is much,much sadder than that, so I’m definitely terrified to read it! My only fear is crying lol.

            Ooohh I can’t remember if I watched that one, actually I’m sure I have it. I guess I’ll have to check.
            I think you’re right. And I hope so!

            I haven’t read those series. Have I mentioned that I’m totally not into vampires? Not just in YA novels, but for mangas too. Twilight put me off vamps. Probably because it became such a big romantic idea to fall in love with some undead guy. I put off reading VA for a long to time too because of that. But then I gave in, because I wanted to see what the fuss was all about (same with City of Bones and the rest of the Mortal Instruments series though that has less good reactions from me than bad) and I was surprised. I got addicted to it, not as bad as obsessed, but addicted that I had to finish the entire series, and subsequently read the following spin off lol. Well, I don’t want to raise expectations too much, but I feel VA has a lot more going for it. It’s totally more kick ass too. So it’s not just about romance, but there’s also plenty of that too :D.

          • I’m afraid of crying too. My friend thought it was too cheesy. But sometimes you need cheesy in your life. There are some books for me that are too cheesy that I will never touch.

            I’m a nut for the underworld movies, lol. But I’m more of a nut for Divergent, so I guess it all works out!

            And I can understand. I like vampires in movies, minus twilight, but I think I’ve read way too many vampire books. I think I’ve read at least 4 series of books that had to do with vampires, and each series had 5+ books in them. I’m kinda glad that I can just go out and get all the VA books if I start to get into it. The used book store I go to has a ton of copies for like 2 bucks a piece. Theres always a wait for them at the library, and sometimes I just don’t have the patience.

            I love the mortal instruments series, with the exception of books 4 and 5. I hated that she decided to keep going with them. I thought the end to city of glass was good, and that should be it. But I like the clockwork series so much more. I just hope she doesn’t keep going with those. The ending was perfect. I have every book in both series, and I stacked them all up, and I was like whoa… this is ridiculous, lol. It kinda blew my mind that I had read all of them. I wasn’t a big fan of the movie either. I hated who they picked for Jace, and that just threw the whole movie off for me.

          • Oh yes, I think sometimes cheesy is needed. It’s probably why I gave into to reading full on romance manga (they are EXTREMELY full of cheese).

            Lol, I have them, but I’ve yet to sit down and watch the full series properly, but from the bits and pieces I’ve seen every so often, it looks awesome!

            Man, 2 bucks a piece sounds pretty good. I hope you enjoy reading them!

            I did enjoy reading the Mortal Instruments up until the additional 4 and 5. I totally agree, I liked how City of Glass ended. It bothered me that she decided to write more (funny, for Maria V. Snyder’s Study series, I had the complete opposite reaction!)
            Oh yes, the Clockwork series is much better. I liked how it ended. And YES there better not be any more!! Lol I know, each book was a little bigger and little bit more packed than the one before. I want to watch the movie for the sake of watching the movie because I read the book, but I was like ‘errrr’. The role was originally offered to Alex Pettyfer I think, but he turned it down. The guy who ended up playing Jace was kinda scary looking :S.

          • I think I started watching underworld when I was like 15 and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I still kinda think that way 😛

            I think I’d be okay if she started another series that didn’t revolve around that world. Or maybe even a series revolving around the original shadowhunter. I think the only real reason I wanted to watch the movie is because of Johnathan Rhys Myers. I like to drool over him, haha. But he had this weird rat tail thing going on in the movie that I just was not liking, lol. I think I remember when Alex Pettyfer was offered the role. I liked him in I Am Number Four. I thought hed be a good fit for city of bones. I mean Jamie Campbell Bower made a good fit for how the movie was made, but it just didn’t feel like the true mortal instruments feeling, you know? He was way too sarcastic, and thats saying something compared to Jace in the books. I’ve seen some of his other work, and I’m not a huge fan. He had a small role in the twilight movies and an even smaller part in harry potter.

          • It looks freaking awesome from all the bits that I’ve seen! Though, sadly enough, I have confused Underworld and Resident Evil together. Not because of story plots or anything but the idea of a kickass heroine.

            Oh yes, he was in Bend it Like Beckham yeah? I can totally understand why you’d drool over him 😉 . Originally, beside the fact that I wanted to watch it because I’d read the book, I also wanted to see Godfrey Gao but well, guess I never got round to watching it in cinemas!

            Yeah, he wasn’t bad in I am Number Four. Have you read the book?

            I’d have to watch the movie to get exactly what you mean, but it’s something like even though Jace is sarcastic in the book, it’s kind of teasing, but in the movie, he’s just sarcastic?
            He was one of the twins or something with Dakota Fanning or something in the Twilight series, right? To be honest, I only clearly remember watching the first movie. I was sure I’d watched New Moon on dvd but I can’t remember! haha. He had a role in Harry Potter? Haha, I only know he had a role in the tv series Camelot. Which was previewed here and I think the first episode was shown and then…it probably got cancelled lol.

          • yes he was in bend in like beckham. Hes also been in some favorite tv shows of mine. Magnus Bane’s part seemed sooo short in the movie. They also botched up the whole simon being a vampire thing too. It was just kinda a messy movie.

            As for jace.. I’d say thats how it is. Jace in the books has a sarcasm that is funny and you like him anyways because he doesn’t come from a mean place. But Jace in the movie just comes off as that douche bag you never want to see because he brings the party down, if that makes sense. Alec is worse than Jace in the movie in my opinion. Which is sad because hes one of my favorite characters.

            Jamie C.B. played one of the head volturi and had like one line. As for harry potter, he played the young version of Dumbledore where he store the deathly hallows wand. I heard about him being in Camelot. My friend said that she didn’t like him in Camelot and once she heard that he was going to be in mortal instruments, she was automatically turned off. I guess they can’t always get it right.

          • I liked him in Bend it Like Beckham! Unfortunately I think it’s the only thing that I’ve watched with him in it. I didn’t think Magnus Bane had a part in the first book. But it seems my memory has forsaken me haha but it seems he does! Omg no way! Lame, that really sucks!Oh well, at least he becomes a vamp eventually …

            Ahhhh, well that’s a bummer. I liked Jace in the book because he was funny, though an ass sometimes – albeit not as bad as Will in Clockwork Prince. Alec is? Yeah, he’s one of my faves as well. Aww that’s too bad. I went and saw the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug today, according to my boyfriend, it was well…slightly disappointing because they’d added and changed so much stuff around.

            Well it’s true, they really can’t. But what can you do? It’s not that I don’t like Ben Affleck or anything, but apparently he’s playing Batman in the Justice League movie sometime in the near future, but my brother thinks it’s a terrible idea haha. I kind of agree, because atm I can only see Christian Bale as Batman.

          • My memory of the first book is terrible, too. lol. but I’m pretty sure he helped cure alec and stuff, and help Clary unlock her mind. At least I remember him being in the first book way more than he was in the movie.

            I love the Hobbit!. Lol. I kept hearing that they changed so much as well, but I discovered the truth behind that. Peter Jackson actually didn’t change that much in the book. All the stuff that seemed to be “added” was actually located in the appendixes of the whole volume. He actually changed more stuff in the LOTR movies than in the Hobbit. I’ll have to find the source for all this stuff, but I swear its true!

            I’m not a huge fan of Ben Affleck as Batman because I hated the superhero movie he was in, Daredevil. I don’t think it was a good movie all around. I like christian bale the best as batman. He seemed to be like the batman in the comic book I read. Haha, I read only one, so my argument is weak, but owell!

          • Oh yeah I remind something vaguely like that now too. Oh wait, I got it, Clary went to see him and finds out she’s been seeing him every two years or something with her mother so that he could enchant her mind so that she doesn’t see things related to the other world.
            And yes, now that you mention it too, he was actually in the first book quite a bit. I’m remembering it bit by bit now haha.

            Lol, to be honest I haven’t read the book so I couldn’t comment, but my bf felt the difference. Lol if you find the source again, give me the links and I’ll give them to him! 🙂 As for me, I’ll take your for for it. I enjoyed watching the movie anyway!

            Haha, I haven’t read any so your argument is stronger than mine! 🙂 But I have watched some of the animated tv series. Bits here and there. But Yeah, Christian Bale is always going to be Batman for me. I loved all the movies, well, the Dark Knight ones better than the first, but the first was pretty good too!

          • Yeah, the movie just felt too different for me. I think if I hadn’t read the book first or had been into the series at all, I don’t think I would have liked the movie at all.

            Once I find the source, I’ll send it to you! I really liked the soundtrack to the movie. That or I’m just a huge Ed Sheeran fan. lol

            Its funny, cuz I’m playing the Batman video game right now, and I keep comparing the character to various people that have played Batman in movies. I’m still going with Christian Bale on that one.

          • Wow, that says something about about the movie. It sucks quite a bit that the adaptation doesn’t live up to the original!

            Awesome, please do! Maybe his opinion of it will improve :). I thought the soundtrack was awesome. I didn’t realise it was Ed Sheeran! That just makes it more awesome. I like his music.

            Lol haha. Well in comparison to the others who’ve played Batman, Bale is the best. Some of the others are just plain cheesy!

          • Oh cool, awesome! Lol I’m going to pass it along now:).

            Omg I loved that song! If I hadn’t been in a rush to go to the bathroom, I would have stayed longer to listen to the whole thing. Haha Yeah, I like my acoustic music too. There’s just something about it!

            No I haven’t yet. It’s on my to read list but I haven’t gotten around to it. Is it good?

          • Haha its funny, because once I downloaded the song, I imagine dragons and hobbits running around because the lyrics are so literal to the movie.

            Well, I’m currently reading it now. I kept hearing so many things about it like its amazing, I saw people get tattoos with quotes of some of the passages and everything. But then I started digging around, and some reviews aren’t quite that generous towards it. I’m like on a fine line with it and I keep getting swayed back and forth. I can’t make up my mind, lol.

          • Lol the lyrics are great! I love that they really matched the movie. Plus, they’re easy enough to remember and well, yeah, they kinda got stuck in my head. The last time a theme song from a movie got stuck in my head was when I watched Skyfall. Had that stuck in my head for days! I wonder how many days this will stay in my head for haha.

            Ahhhh, yeah I heard and read raving reviews about it, but I read some not so great reviews, so that’s probably why I haven’t got around to it yet. I’ll definitely be interested to read your review about it when you’re done! I’m about to start reading Poison Princess by Kresley Cole. It’s got an awesome cover but the reviews are not so good…

          • They are great. I love Ed sheeran’s lyrics and style. I watched the movie like over a month ago, and that song is still stuck in my head. It makes me want to watch the movie again. I hope he does another one for the final hobbit movie. Or at least have another folksy song for the movie. I liked the skyfall theme, too.

            Its up now, lol. I didn’t expect to write as much as I did about it, but I just couldn’t explain it well enough without using so many words. I started the sequel Unravel Me last night, and its turning out to be better than the first book. I think he style of writing is better in the sequel, so I’m glad I decided to stick with it. How is Poison Princess going for you? I saw a couple of your updates on goodreads about it.

          • He’s awesome! It seems I’m always hearing and getting hooked on his singles at random moments. Like I think I heard A-Team on an ad or something, a couple of his other ones in clothing stores and at well, completely random moments! Lol. Hopefully he does do another one, it’d be great!

            Oh cool, I’ll check it out :). I love sequels that read better than the first. Though I haven’t read Unravel Me. But I have heard of it.

            Poison Princess reads a bit strangely. Like, how do I describe it? She usually writes adult romance and just well, adult novels in general, and when I read it, I get that adult-like feeling. It’s also dark and gritty. It’s got this completely different feel to YA novels. But it’s not written badly, just different, and interesting in terms of the order of events. The plot is interesting too. And I guess the love interest is sexish if you go for that kind (actually a bit about the way he’s written grates on my nerves). So I don’t hate it, but I’m still deciding whether I like it! Haha.
            I’m still halfway through, since I didn’t get a chance to read it today because I forgot to take it with me when I went to the beach with the fam. IT WAS SO DAMN HOT TT.TT and will get even hotter over the next few days.

          • I hope he does another album soon. I discovered his music on a tv show I think. This is going to sound weird, but I love taking a bath and listening to his music, lol. Its so soothing.

            I read the short novella between Shatter Me and Unravel Me, and I reaaaaally liked it. I just hated myself because the novella revolves around the antagonist, and hes deranged, and I found myself sympathizing for him. I was like, well if you can do that, your writing must be good then.

            I remember seeing that book somewhere, but I can’t place where. I sometimes get unnerved by books like that. Where I don’t know my feelings around it, whether I like it or not. I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately with books I’ve been reading.

            I will trade you for the heat. Its been okay weather here, but the wind is sooo bitter. I came home from work today and I was shivering so bad and I couldn’t shake it. I had to use my heated blanket before I stopped shivering. I miss the warmth sooo bad.

          • Lol haha, it’s a bit weird, but I totally get the feeling!

            Oh that sounds really interesting, reading a novella from the antagonists perspective. Lol, I just realised Unravel Me was sequel to Shatter Me! I should of realised the connection earlier, but I think the heat got to my head. I liked your review of Shatter Me, it’s pretty fair on the good and bad points. Your interpretation of the annoying bits that annoy other people makes it seem less annoying than how annoying it’s portrayed lol if that makes any sense.

            This feeling, I think will make it hard to write about. I’ll probably end up raving a little before I get to the point – or probably never get to the point at all lol! I seriously have to finish it asap soI can get on to the next book on my LTBR pile.

            OMG if only I could send you some heat! We’re having a little too much of that at the moment. Today was the first day of four days of 40 degree celsius weather. I’d gladly – actually maybe not, but it’d be nice to have a little, tiny bit of your bitter weather.

          • I’m glad you got the fairness bit out of the review. While I did struggle with some aspects of the book, I didn’t want to just completely bash it. I guess I like giving people the benefit of the doubt! But good news, Unravel Me is turning out to be so much better than Shatter Me. She dropped the countless metaphors and similes, so it felt like a stronger story. Its almost twice as long, but it isn’t filled with unnecessary fluff. I’m much more of a fan of the series now. It always makes me happy when a sequel can redeem the series.

            Is the book still on the raving side for you? I thought I saw on goodreads that you liked it?

            My room is located underground, and I think it just makes it ten times worse. Its supposed to get a bit warmer here, but the wind just ruins it! Where I live, we have snow right up until the very last moment. May is a weird month for us. In the beginning, we have blizzards, and are stuck in our homes for a few days with the city essentially shut down or schools closed. But by the end of the month, its scorching hot!

          • Lol, me too! Well, for books I can’t really make up my mind on, I give out both pros and cons, and then for the others that land on either side of “I can’t decide if it’s good or bad”, the reviews generally are more positive or negative.

            That’s great news! And yep, those are my fav kinds of series. The I Am Number Four series was like that for me. I didn’t really like the first one, but I loved the following sequels because they make up for what the first lacked, so I was pretty glad I stuck with that!

            Finally finished it today (I don’t know how I was busy, but I couldn’t read it for two days!) and whoaaaa I got a complete turn around and all the things that annoyed me were totally outweighed by my final impression which was: I have to get my hands on the sequel asap!

            Omg, weird! You’d expect it to be warmer underground during winter and cooler during summer. Though then there’s heating and air con so the natural temperatures won’t matter much?

            Lol, sounds pretty extreme. Hearing about blizzards and icy cold winds makes me never want to complain about summer again. If anything, I can handle summer, but I hate being cold. But yet I love wearing boots, but I hate wrapping up so much lol! Man, I’m the worst haha, I love and hate the weather at the same time!

          • See, when I can’t make up my mind on a book review, my reviews tend to be short. Or if I don’t like the book, I like to make it short because I don’t like to rant too long, lol.

            I’ve been wanting to read the I am Number Four series. I saw the movie, but I wasn’t entirely hooked on it, but I just always assume that the book is better. Knowing what you just said, if I don’t like the first book, I’ll just keep chugging along!

            Thats good! I love it when a book just completely twists things around for you. Thats how I felt about The Darkest Minds. I felt that the ending was predictable, but the twist at the very end just threw me off completely. I don’t know about you, but I love it when a book keeps going down this predictable path, and then wham, you’re hit with a twist. Haha.

            Well, where I live, the ground freezes, so its always colder in basements. We have a forced air ventilation system that blows directly into my room, but its not enough, or sometimes if I have the door closed it will get way too hot. It is cooler in the summer, thank god. Thats the one pro. I remember we had this heat wave like two summers ago, and it was unbearable to the point where you didn’t want to do anything. We have an air con, but it only runs upstairs. And the power went out. Oh god I wanted to die, haha. It was so hot, so we just hid in the basement.

            and I’m the same way! When its winter here, I want it to be summer, and vice versa. I’m never satisfied. I always wearing boots in both seasons, lol. I have a tall pair for cold weather, and a short pair for summer that have that kind of rocker vibe to them.

          • Okay so here’s the thing about I Am Number Four. The movie is exactly like the book. And the book is exactly like any other usual kind of book. There’s nothing special. This is just my opinion. I didn’t like it much. But I love the following books, so if you do give it a chance, I think it’s worth it. Everything that’s missing in the first one, comes up and takes it’s place in the books that follow. So yep, it’s all about chugging on ! lol

            Omg yes, I love books like that, because it seems so predictable, you think the story is a pretty easy read and then bam, you’re thrown into the deep end. I think it’s awesome! I’ll say, Poison Princess definitely did that for me!

            Oh right, I completely forgot that the ground actually freezes in the US haha. I also don’t have a basement so I wouldn’t know what it’s like when it’s hot or cold underground. I just know the tiles get icy on the floor lol. Thank goodness that it’s cooler in summer in a basement room!

            Sounds like an awesome pair of boots! Yeah, I’ve got a pair of short boots too, military style but I always feel wearing them in summer. So I stick to flats. If it’s around twenty degrees celsius then I might wear them but if the sun is bearing down on me like an angry dragon, then I’ll probably wear flats again.

          • Noted! I’ll have to keep that in mind when I read the book. I have been wanting to tackle the Percy Jackson series. I like the movies, and I keep hearing the books are even better. I got them all for christmas, and they keep taunting me!

            I think Unravel Me is starting to do that to me. I keep thinking this or that is gonna happen, and then a big twist. I actually just hit a big twist like five minutes ago, lol.

            Its night time right now, and I’m freezing. My boyfriend, my dog, and I are sitting on the couch each with our own individual blankets. My dog is a blanket hoarder. I have a bed for him next to me on the floor, but he doesn’t want to use it because he wants my blanket on the couch. spoiled, I tell you. lol.

            Yeah I usually wear flats when its warm. My feet get way too cold in the winter with flats. I try to use those flat socks that disappear when you put on flats, but they are just way too thin for me and they always slip off my ankle. I always wear my tall boots with two pairs of socks because its so cold.

          • Omg, I’ve read the first one and I thought it was pretty good! Though, the first movie is really, really different from the book, even though all the elements were there.

            I’m reading The Springsweet (Saundra Mitchell) atm, and well, it reminds of the first book, though this one has more stuff happening at the start. Anyway, I have this feeling someone’s going to die (or something horrid is going to happen). Plenty of people died in the first one, but so far, the tension in the air is there and I think I know who, but I have to keep reading!

            Lolol haha, my family has a mini jack russel at home and last year, when she was a pup and we kept her inside the house, she always demanded to sleep on my lap or one of the rents’. Sometimes I tucked her next to me in the recliner, while I balanced my laptop on my lap lol. Dogs, just loved to be spoiled!

            Haha, so do I! Though my winter is probably not as bad as yours, it’s cold enough for me that there’s no way I wear flats. I can’t even remember how I used to deal with winter when I didn’t have a pair of boots – long or short! That was years ago though, when I was a nerdy teenager lol. These days, totally know better! I never go a day through winter without a pair of boots on. It’s just incomprehensible any other way lol!

          • Did you finish the Springsweet yet? I love books with tension. They always make me want to read more just to feel the build up and the eventual release. Unravel Me is like that right now. The love triangle in it is so tense, twisted, and screwed up. I love it, lol. I’ve been trying to read this book all week because its been getting good, but I caught like a cold or something, or the start of the flu, and I can’t read more than like two pages at a time so its going so slow. I feel so behind, lol.

            And maybe its a jack russel thing! My dog is part jack russel, lol. He actually looks like a giant 65lbs jack russel. its kinda scary, lol. I spoil him too much. but hes old, so its okay, lol.

            and I agree on the boots! I actually tried wearing my boots without my boot socks yesterday, and I completely regretted it afterwards. I felt so incomplete, haha.

          • Yep, I finished it pretty quickly because well, it was really short. It was much better than the first book – which vaguely I remember hating the beginning because the story did nothing until like the last fifty pages where it got really good.

            Omg if the tension is written well then I’ll love it! I used to roll my eyes at drama, but I dunno, I guess I got into it, after reading some novels and mangas with really well written and tense drama. Oh wow, sounds like Unravel Me is intense! (Hope you get better soon! It sucks to be sick.)

            I’ve started reading Wildefire (Karsten Knight) which I’ve been dying to read since it came out a couple of years ago! But I completely forgot about it until now. It has an interesting protag who’s got the biggest personality that I’ve ever seen, and she’s pretty quick about getting a new boyfriend lol. Anyway, the love interest in the novel is the usual hot guy, but they have extremely witty conversations and I like the dialogue, but half the time, I feel like it’s way too contrived and cheesssyyyy! Lol. The story though is pretty cool, apparently (and I’m not giving away the plot because it’s in the premise) there’s agroupof students in the school who are actually gods and goddesses.

            Lol, yeah a couple of friends of the fam have jack russels too and they do all the jack russel things, like lying on the couch (or on top of their owners), they like to sit as close to us as possible when we eat (i.e. on our chairs behind us).

            Aww he must be a big one lol. Mine’s just a mini, she probably only weighs 6kgs? No one ever believes how tiny she is!

          • Thats good to hear! I’m unsure what to read at this point. I’ve got like a thousand arcs to read, or one of my library books, and then theres the whole should I read dystopian? fantasy? contemporary? I feel like thats the worst part about reading, lol. I can never make up my mind unless I just randomly pick one sometimes. I might start working at a book store soon, and I feel like its going to be dangerous for me. Being surrounded by books all the time.. I feel like I’d come home with one everyday!

            Unravel Me, was something else, lol. I’m about to post a review about it and to be quite honest I can’t remember what I read in the beginning. It feels like it was so long ago.

            Maybe I’ll check Wildfire out! Sounds pretty interesting. Could maybe solve my book problem, lol.

            Its funny, because as I’m actually writing this, my dog is snuggled up as close to me as possible with his nose in the blankets. My dog has picked up that jack russel habit of laying on his back in the sun. I think its funnier because hes so big. Hes mixed with Australian cattle dog as well, and hes kind of a nut, lol. and thats adorable how little your dog is.

          • Ooohhh arcs! Actually the other day I was trying to figure out how to get arcs here in Aus, and I wondered if it was the same as how people get them in the US, but I think it’s slightly different here. The only time I got a free copy of a book was when I won a mini comp at Dymocks for Kirsten White’s Supernaturally (which I actually still have to read lol).

            OMG I totally know what you mean, that’s kind of why I like waiting for my holds to come through because I put like fifty books on hold, and then they come in like groups of tens, and whatever comes in, I read. Usually it’s a mix of books I randomly decided to read and books I’ve been wanting to read. It’s then, when they come and sit on my bookshelf, that I have to decide what to read first. Soooo hard.

            I don’t know if I could work in a bookstore, but I would totally want to!! It would be the most awesome place to work (or at least, one of!)

            That’s the only problem with reading a book over a long period of time. My mum takes forever to read one book, and it drives me crazy lol. I always seem to have to read it all in one go so I get every bit of the action but sometimes it just can’t be helped. And then yeah, I totally forget what happens at the start!

            I suppose you should check it out. I did enjoy reading it in the end, but I also had mixed feelings.

            Waahhhh your dog sounds ultra cute!! Hehe, my dog loves lying in the sun! And whenever she sees me, she loves lying on her back asking for a tummy rub. She’s soooo cute. Can’t not talk about her enough lol, drives my boyfriend a little crazy because I talk about her so much lol! 😛

          • I usually get mine in the form of ebooks. I feel like I get more that way. I use Netgalley. I’m not sure if it would work in australia, but I’d assume so? I get books from european publishers all the time, so it seems to be international to me. I won a book from goodreads a couple of months ago, and I’m afraid to read it. the other people who read it said it seemed kinda bad. its only like 100 pages, so I should just buckle down and read it lol.

            I still haven’t picked a book yet, lol. I’m reading another Shatter Me novella that comes after the second book to keep me busy in the meantime, lol. I’m thinking of going the ARC route though. Just to mix it up.

            The discount at that book store is going to be bad news for me. Its like 30%, which is almost as good as buying the book online.

            Haha, my mom is the same way! She’s always saying things like “Oh I read so fast! and I stayed up till midnight reading!” In reality she takes like two-three weeks. I’m over here like, “I read 4 books this week, I stayed up till 4am. No big deal.” haha. She always complains that I spent too much money on books when I was younger, which didn’t make sense to me because it was allowance money. I always told her, would you rather it be drugs? That could be an option if you wanted it to be. lol.

            I’ll have to upload a picture of my dog and show you. Hes a doof. My dog does the tummy thing too! he always drops in front of my feet for it, and its always when I can’t reach him or something. Dogs are funny. Haha, and thats understandable. They’re like our children. you have to brag about them. lol.

          • Yeah I’ve heard of netgallery! I should give that a go too. I also won a book from goodreads but it kinda never got sent to me… Which book did you end up getting?

            Lol haha, just close your eyes and go eeny-meeny-mine-mo lol. I just realised I’ve gone through most of my paranormal and dystopia stuff and now I’m left with the historicals. It seems when I was putting things on hold at the library (I was using my goodreads to-read list as a reference) I was at the historicals section of my to-read list. Guess I must have been in the mood for historicals at one point lol!

            Lol haha true, books or drugs, though I think books can be almost just addictive lol 😛

            Omg me too! I’ll upload one soon because well, she’s just too adorable and I seem to have like a bazillion photos of her. And yep, our cute four legged children who are nothing but nutty over us! lol

          • I like netgalley. I always thought it would take me months before i got approved for a book, but I signed up a month ago, and I’ve got about 10. I got frustrated at first because I had been approved for 2 books, but they archived them immediately after I was approved, so I wasn’t able to download them. I was like, well what was the point in approving me then??

            Haha, I did pick one randomly, but I didn’t choose an arc. I went with Unwind by Neal Shusterman. The covers of these books always creeped me out for some reason. It doesn’t help that the premise of the story is creepy as well. But I’ve heard good things! I love historical fiction books, but having a degree in history, it sometimes made me angry when some other people read them. Or watching it on tv. I’ve heard so many people say “oh yeah, well I saw this movie in theaters and thats what really happened.” I always end up rolling my eyes at stuff like that because I hate giving history lessons, haha. I remember one person who watched the Lincoln Vampire Hunter movie, and he kept going about how cool Lincoln was that he did all that stuff and I was like…. um….you’re kidding, right?

            Haha I have a ton of pics of my dog too. Hes actually going to the vet tomorrow 🙁

          • Lol haha, why’d they do that? Lame. Well at least you got ten books out it since!

            Ooohhhh I’ve heard and wanted to read Unwind. It sounds creepy! But yeah, apparently it’s very good.

            Lol, yeah I can totally understand. It’s called historical ‘fiction’ so you can’t exactly take it as truth. If the story is interesting enough, I’ll go and read up on it for more info. But really, I can’t believe someone actually believed that about the Lincoln Vampire Hunter movie. Unbelievable and funny too! Haha.

            Oh no! Nothing too serious I hope :(! (‘m going to post pic asap 🙂 )

          • I have no idea, it was the first two that I had received. I was so excited that I finally got one, and it wasn’t even available. The thing that sucks is that you have to have a feedback -approved books ratio that is like 80%, so those would have gone against that ratio so I just left a mean not that said I couldn’t even read it, haha.

            Unwind isn’t as creepy as I thought it would be. but its really good. It reads really fast. I got through 100 pages in like an hour or something.

            And nothing too serious! I finally got his weight down, but he had a little liver issue and has to eat bland food and take some pills. The pills were soooo expensive. They were about $80.00, I don’t know how much that translate into your currency, but its a lot!

          • Man, it sucks when you finally win and then the prize never comes lol. And yeah it sucks more when there’s a n 80% positive feedback. But hey, you got your piece in when you didn’t get to read it!

            No way! Really? How kinda disappointing. But if it’s good, then it’s still worth reading then! A couple of days ago I read a historical set during the renaissance, but it was surprisingly boring and I ended up skim reading the 400 pages within two hours.

            Ahhhh thank goodness it was nothing too serious!! Poor kiddo, needing to take pills. Well you tell that mister that if he wants to get better, he better eat them up! Lol. Yeah, I think in aus dollars that’s around or a little over $100! So that’s pretty expensive!! O.O

          • Seriously. They were both from the same publishing company, so I’m going to say it was a fluke and the publishing company was just stupid since they’re the ones that decide when they get archived and all that junk. It hasn’t happened since, so I’m still pretty happy with netgalley.

            I looked at when Unwind was published, and it kinda blew my mind that it was published 7 years ago. for some reason, I thought it was more recently published. 2007 doesn’t seem that long ago, but it does at the same time. And that sucks. I hate it when books get boring. I always feel bad. I don’t think I’ve ever skimmed a book (other than textbooks). I usually just end up putting it down.

            Hes a pain about pills. He wants to eat them, but he can’t hold onto it because they’re slippery and he ends up spitting it out. I’m forced to be the bad guy and shove it in there and then he gives me angry hurt looks. Breaks my heart! I’m still mad at the price! We have insurance for our dog and that covers all the costs of the appointment, tests, shots, and then discounts off of pills and stuff. It was only ten dollars off! I found them online and I can get twice as much for the same exact price. grrrr. However, if we didn’t have the insurance, we would have paid about 400 dollars, so I guess i’m thankful for that!

          • It probably was just a fluke, and if it hasn’t happened since then, then that’s good (y). It’d be hella annoying if it did though.

            Lol, I know right? Time passes too quick. I feel old for reminiscing about songs from ten years ago. I remember looking at Unwind some time after it was published, but it was probably because I was trying to look for some creepy books to read. I did end up reading a few, but there weren’t that many (or I might not have been looking hard enough lol). And one of the ones I ended up reading turned out to be a little misleading and disappointing.

            I don’t usually skim either! I just drop them normally, but I guess, I really wanted to read that book to know how everything went down. But it was a shame, it had the potential to be great, it just didn’t quite get there. The historical I’m reading now though, is pretty good!

            Awww, poor guy! But it’s good for him lol. Lol, thank goodness you have insurance then! That saved you quite a bit (though ten dollars off on the pills is not much, but still! it was something 🙂 )!

          • I dont think I ever heard of Unwind until late last year. I’m glad I did though. It reminds me a bit of Ender’s game because theres a sort of militaristic essence to it. I’m about 3/4s into the book, and its completely different than what I expected it to be. Its not as dystopian as I had hoped. But its still good nonetheless.

            I hate it when that happens in a book. You just keep rooting for it, and it just falls short. I’m falling behind on my books badly. I just wasn’t in the mood to read this week really.

          • Oh cool, sounds good!

            Ender’s game, I’d actually heard the name and thought I’d read the book when I heard the movie came out but turns out I haven’t haha. But seeing the preview for the the movie, I figured I might give the book a go.

            Yep, it’s terrible, and well, that’s why the books get dropped eventually. Lol, if you aren’t in the mood then you just aren’t in the mood. 🙂 I think it’s good to take a break from reading for a while, whether you’re busy or just can’t be bothered, it’s not like we always have to be reading lol. I’ve been so tired lately, if it wasn’t because my ridiculously big stack of library books are due back in a couple of weeks, I would have stopped for a week too. The last couple of books that I read, I ended up reading slowly because I couldn’t really concentrate. Or maybe it’s because there’s so much detail and it’s so dense that I felt the need to read every word? Omg, am I making any sense? Lol, what I mean is, you know sometimes when you read, you kind of read the one sentence at the same time and move through the story really quickly and the other times are like reading academic articles where you have to give it all your attention. Omg, I’m ranting again lol!

          • I actually really liked the movie. I had a hard time with the book because of the language being written in the 70’s. I know kids are bullies to each other, but it felt cheesy to me. The movie took out that language and it made me love the story. Its one of the rare moments in which the movie is better than the book. I think I liked the overall story better in the book, but I just couldn’t get over the language!

            Lol, I feel like I have a rush because of the goodreads challenge. When it starts saying that I’m X number of books behind i start panicking! Lol. I’ve been having the same problem too! Just can’t concentrate long enough to dive into a book. And yup, I know exactly what you mean with rereading sentences. After a couple tries I just get frustrated and just put it down, lol. Im actually reading an ARC from netgalley right now that has me really hooked. I read like half of it in one sitting last night. It gets published tomorrow, and I’m hoping to have a review up of it tomorrow night. I’m excited for it because its really good.

          • Ah yes, the language can be such a pain to get over for those older books. And yeah, sometimes the movies can actually be (on rare occassions) better than the book lol. Although, most of the time I nitpick. I’m terrible, if I’ve read the book and liked it, I’ll nitpick with the movie. Do you know the Book Thief? The movie came out recently. Anyway, the book is pretty unique, by the way it’s told, and I liked that there’ll be/is a movie (and since I haven’t seen it yet) I can’t quite imagine how they’ll replicate that uniqueness in the movie.

            Omg, yeah I totally get that feeling haha! It’s fun having the challenge, but it’s also a bummer that it also let’s you know just how many books you’re behind. Because, seriously, when youcount the days and how quickly on average one reads a book, you realise, oh wait, I still have plenty of time lol. So I wouldn’t panic too much…yet :P. I’ve cut it down this year heaps,so I think I’m okay at the moment!

            Oh cool, which book is it? Sounds like it’s a winner!I’m just reading the latest sequel for the Bloodlines series, it’s different to the other books so far, I was surprised.

          • I have heard of The Book Thief. I recently bought a copy of it, but I have yet to read it. I heard the movie is really good. I definitely want to read the book first. I nitpick movies too. Like when I went to go see Catching Fire, I nitpicked it, but not as much as the first. However, after I thought about it, I discovered I was being TOO nitpicky, lol. I actually thought they did a pretty good job with sticking to the story.

            I think my problem is that I’m always comparing myself to… well myself. lol. I get competitive with myself, thinking “Oh I only read one book last week? Lets make it three this week.” I was talking to my friend about books, and hes like, in ten years, I’ve only finished about two books. My jaw dropped at that one, lol. And you have cut down your challenge by a lot! But at the pace you’re reading it seems like you might blow past the number you said you wanted to read!

            It was a winner! and you read the post already, so I’ll leave it at that haha. I need to get a tackle on those books! The VA movie is coming out soon and I really want to go see it. Is the latest sequel the final in that series?

          • I really want to watch the Book Thief because I love the book, but I hate being disappointed lol. Oh yes, Catching Fire, I watched that and after being a little too nitpicky about the first, I actually held my tongue this time and found, even though there were things to be nitpicky about, it was actually pretty good (and I think, if I’m not wrong, the bits about Snow’s granddaughter were added? I can’t remember if they were in the book, since it was told from Katniss’s pov). I was surprised that Suzanne Collins didn’t take a part in writing the script this time, but it was still pretty accurate and I think the guy who played Finnick Odair was pretty good, I was surprised since I never actually thought about how he’d look or be like lol.

            Haha yeah, competition with the self is the worst. (Omg, I think I can name ten of my friends in the same category since well, I’m the only book nerd of all my friends lol). Lol, I think I will probably blow it, but then, I might not, once uni gets started, I have less time to consume fictional worlds, but I could.

            I saw, it sounds awesome (Jenny Hubbard’s book). I’ve nearly cut down my LTBR pile. But it looks like I’m taking my time with The Fiery Heart. It’s not as bad as they say (because it looked like there are some reviews that don’t think it’s as good as all the others) and atm I like it. It’s only the 4th in the series with two more books before it’s the last lol. I really want to see the VA movie too!

          • I was more satisfied with Catching Fire than the Hunger game movie. The only thing that drives me nuts is that Snow is normal looking in the movie. I know hes supposed to look like a lizard, and I’m pretty sure the bits with his grandaughter were added. I was also upset that Plutarch didn’t show his pocket watch to Katniss when they were dancing. I went with my friend and she hasn’t read the books, and I had to explain some things to her, like why Snow was spitting up blood when he drank the wine at the party and stuff like that. The guy that played Finnick was exactly what I pictured in my head, so I was happy with that choice.

            Mead’s books just look so daunting to me because there are so many of them. But I’m willing to try it out. I’ve found them for really cheap at my book store, so I’m going to give VA a chance, and if I like it I’m going to go back and grab the next couple of books in the series. It seems like Mead loves having a lot of books in her series!

          • Lol, yeah me too, though my friend liked the first one better. Although I liked Catching Fire better, I like both of them. Lol, I know right? I can’t remember how he was described in the book, but I do remember imagining him different particularly when I was reading Mockingjay. I probably wasn’t even relating the qualities that Collins attributed to him, to me he was a fella with a bald head and eyes that don’t miss a thing. Even though I don’t hate how Snow is in the movies, he was definitely not how I pictured him. And Plutarch, omg, the actor who played him was either not doing a great job or he was supposed to be…I don’t know?…less cheesy. For some reason, he annoyed me the most out of the entire film, even though I know he’s supposed to be playing a double agent kind of role, he just seemed too suspicious when he’s interacting with Snow and I find it hard to believe that Snow believes him! Oh yes, he didn’t did he? Man, can’t believe he didn’t!

            Lol, the actor who played Finnick looked familiar to me. I found out later he was also in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. He was great! In both movies 😀

            Yeah, there are quite a few, I felt the same when I thought about reading VA, but then I got sucked in. I hope you like it, and I think you might since there are quite a few books that we both like. Lol, VA has six and Bloodlines is apparently only going to have six too. It’s quite a lot to read since I feel like they get bigger each time, but I think they’re not as bad as the Mortal Instruments size-wise. Mead’s pretty much got it handled on how much she writes.

          • Lol yeah, I feel like with those movies, its either a hit or miss kind of thing. Its had more hits than misses. I loved Johanna. She had the right amount of sarcasm. I totally forgot what happened in Mockingjay. I read it way too fast and there was so much going on. I’m going to try and reread it before the movie comes out, but theres still time before that.

            And he was! I recognized him when they announced him as the actor. I mean, he didn’t have many lines in pirates, but I still liked him. I was a little scared that he wouldn’t have enough of that cockiness or even be buff enough. But he pulled it of.

            lol, it seems like VA has like 15 to me. Whenever I go to the book store they have a couple shelves filled with them, and they’re never in order. lol six makes more sense to me, and makes me happier. And we do have the same taste! I love it. I love goodreads since I can pull some books off of your list 🙂

            and I finally put up a picture of my dog on twitter if you haven’t seen it 🙂 if you can’t see it, then I’ll post it here on my blog

          • Omg I LOVED Johanna and the girl who played her was awesome! She was great. Totally brought to life there! Lol the elevator scene!
            Yeah me too, I definitely need to read it once more before watching it. It was my favourite book of the three, so it’ll be a fun re-read lol.

            I think I did recognise him initially but between then and when I watched the movie, I forgot, so I didn’t realise until later that it was him. He totally pulled off the cocky Finnick Odair. I loved him and the mermaid together in Pirates! They were very sweet.

            I know, it seems there’s like so many books, but they’re only six in total. LOL, Yeah I kind of noticed because I checked your list out too haha. I guess that’s what good about Goodreads!

            Ohhhhh I’m going to go check it out now lol!!

          • Haha the elevator scene was the best. When I went with my bestfriend and that scene was coming up I was jumping up and down in my seat like a little kid lol. I like her as an actress, ever since she was a little girl. I think I liked Catching Fire the best. Mockingjay wrecked me at the end.

            I loved him in Pirates too. I’m hoping that with having more exposure thanks to Catching fire, he’ll have more movies come out.

            Oh I wanted to mention something to you. Theres this new book site for books going around. Its like goodreads, but theres this really cool feature called the book brawl or something like that and it helps you pick out your next book to read. Its in the beta stages, but its picking up speed. Its invite only, but I have a few invite codes. would you be interested?

          • I loved that elevator seen. And yes, she’s a great actress! Omg lol, I wish I had the same enthusiasm, but honestly I didn’t get to re-read Catching Fire before I watched it, so I forgot most of it. I just went and watched it as though I hadn’t read the book (except when I remember bits and pieces lol!)

            Oh yes, the ending of Mockingjay was pretty intense, but that’s probably why I liked it the most. I’m such a weird one, everyone else likes one or two better, but even though I liked then, book three just does what book three is supposed to do. It was political, it was painful in the romance sector, and it was heart-wrenching. It was also a sense of finality.

            Me too! I would totally watch his movies!

            Oh that sounds cool, yeah sure I’d be interested!

          • I liked mocking jay a lot, I think because I felt so emotional after reading it, I wanted to go back to Catching Fire. As a reader, I should say I loved mockingjay because it did all that, but I have emotions haha. Speaking of, did you hear that Philip Seymour hoffman died?? I wonder how they’re going to finish out the movies. I read that they were in the middle of filming his parts as Plutarch. I just hope they don’t write him out and change the story.

            Okay! I will send you a code in a private message!

          • Omg yes, I heard he died, and I was like (harshly enough) have they finished filming yet? Then I was omg poor guy! (But there were drugs involved …so my sympathy was a bit held back lol)

            Apparently someone on the web said they’d finished his parts (which I hope they have) but then again others have said they were in the middle. Omg, I wonder what they’ll do! I hope they won’t write him out either :S. It’s like with what happened to Paul Walker and Fast & Furious 7.

            Cooolliieess I think I got the twitter notifcation lol :))

          • Lol yeah, I mean I read that he kicked the habit over twenty years ago, but started using again last year. But you can tell the drugs aged him. I thought he was like in his 50s/60s, and then I saw he was only 46.. I was like whoa..

            But at least in Fast and the Furious they have the ability to write out his character, which they are. The story line can change how ever the want it to. Mockingjay has a more strict storyline to follow.

          • It’s really sad that he started using again. Oh yes, it is hard to believe that he was only 46! And I didnt recognise his name until I saw his face. Lol, I can’t believe I was criticising him a few weeks back when I saw him as Plutarch.

            That is very true, and mockingjay is an adaptation in comparison. I hope Mockingjay won’t change much because he passed away, his part was pretty significant lol

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